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Financial Advisor Business Plan Benefits

Write your Business Plan using my easy Program with 6-day E-Course.

You'll get: 4 Sample Advisor Business Plans, Tools, tips, Resources, Templates, and plenty of real world knowledge.

Easy, Fill-in-the-Blanks Format

You don't need a long Business Plan! Use my microsoft word two-page guide. Review the plans. Take the six-day course. Plug in your details and you're done!

Review my 4 Sample Financial Advisor Business Plans

• Wealth Management Plan
• Certified Financial Planner Plan
• Registered Investment Advisor Plan
• Registered Representative Plan

SEE examples of what your competitors are doing to be successful.

6-Day E-Course

You'll get my information-packed six-day E-Course via email to help you create your own goals, strategies, and marketing tactics!

It's time to make a plan to grow your practice by using creative marketing strategies such as client appreciation events, referral campaigns, and more.

example of a financial advisor business plan

Two Page Mini Business Plan

Tools and templates

My name is Suzanne Muusers and I have coached hundreds of advisors. I've created an easy to system including:

• Two page Business Plan guide in PDF and MS Word format
• Planning Guide
• Marketing Idea Guide
• Marketing Calendar
• Return on Investment spreadsheet
• 4 example plans
• 6 day e-course sent via email that will help you write your custom plan.

Find Out What You're Missing

I have been coaching advisors since 2004 and I understand the practice building challenges they run up against every day. Knowing what to do and the step by step process to implement a successful plan is the key to achievement. Then following those actions in a consistent manner will help you stay focused on your goals.

I often tell my clients that having a big vision is important to the growth of their practice. Why? Because some of the best companies in the world were started with a vision of a company bigger than they were at the time. But what does a big vision look like? If you've always wondered then my system is right for you because it has four sample plans to review.

Ask yourself these questions:

• How big do I want my practice to be?
• How much income do I really want?
• How many clients do I want?
• What do I want my life to look like after I have achieved success?
• What is my firm's Mission Statement?
• What should my firm's Brand look like?
• Should I have a tagline?
• What kind of goals should I set for myself?
• What kind of strategies should I select?
• What kind of groups should I belong to?
• What niche market should I target?
• What kind of marketing tactics should I implement?
• Should I use Social Media?
• Do seminars still work?

What are the benefits of a well-written plan?

• Imagine knowing where you're going – find your clarity of direction
• Decide your niche markets and who to spend time marketing to
• Figure out what's different about you
• Define your key measurables
• Focus on planning and bring about success
• Be proactive and take action – results come from action

One of the disadvantages of writing a plan on your own is the lack of support and mentorship. This system has a six day e-course to help motivate you to complete your plan and it includes lots of great tips and short cuts to make the journey more enjoyable.

What tools are included?

write your business plan

There's nothing better than having an expert to guide you in the creation of the perfect plan for YOU! All you have to do is fill in the blanks:

• Your Vision - What you ENVISION for your future practice
Mission Statement - What do you provide clients in terms of a BENEFIT?
Brand - How to create a brand that attracts AFFLUENT clients
Goals - Create goals that MOTIVATE and move you
Strategies - Learn the strategies that successful advisors are using to GROW
Marketing - What tactics can you implement that will help you find the clients you WANT

In the evolution of writing your plan, consider the big vision of where you want to be in five to ten years, your mission or main objective for being in business, your brand and how it will attract clients, your goals and actions for getting new business, your strategies for business growth, and your marketing activities that will help you get where you want to go.

This business plan is appropriate for the seasoned and new advisor alike. Experienced advisors should use the Wealth Management plan or RIA plan as a guide. Newer advisors should use the Registered Representative plan as a guide. This plan is helpful for advisors interviewing for a job, or new advisor trainees, especially those looking to get into Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, among others.

Check out the custom E-Course for advisors that accompanies my program.

Tips & topics included in the 6-day E-Course

• Effortless Marketing - Inbound Marketing designed to attract Ideal Clients
• Success tips to create a big vision
• How to write a Mission Statement
• Mission Statements that rock and why they are so powerful
• One must-have: your Financial Advisor tagline
• Branding Checklist with 11 Branding Must Have's
• Goal setting – 1 one year; 5 year; activity goals;
• Examples of useful Strategies to build your practice
• Effective marketing tactics to leverage your strategies
• 10 powerful Marketing Tactics

E-Course Extras on Day 7:

Target Markets/Niche markets: List of target markets; the most underserved markets; the richest markets
Value Proposition: How to create your own custom value proposition
Client Appreciation Event Ideas: Develop deeper relationships with your clients and grow through referrals
4 Natural and Easy Referral Scripts: Learn how to be authentic in asking for referrals


Resources and Research

Here’s a nice selection of additional resources for your planning research efforts. You'll see that business development really depends upon strategic planning, marketing strategies, and marketing ideas that make sense for your firm.

Marketing Plan to the Affluent - Financial Planning Association Article

It helps to realize that HOW you plan for business success depends upon where you are now in the business growth cycle. If you are a newer advisor, you want to stick to business development ideas that help you reach a large number of potential clients like networking, cold calling, and canvassing.

As you gain traction you can switch to more sophisticated strategies. An advisor in practice five years might consider their own custom website, direct mail postcards to a specific niche, and seminars of an educational topic. Advisors who have gone independent with an RIA model have the most freedom and can brand their practice using blogging, Inbound Marketing, and the like.

All these concepts are great, but they must work for you. Pick strategies that you work with your personality and that you will enjoy implementing. Don't just write a Business Plan based on someone else's idea of what you should be doing. Make your plan work for you.

My program is better than a one page business plan for advisors because it focuses on six main areas YOU need to be strategic about in two pages.

What I want for you is an effortless business where you are achieving your goals and growing your practice. For this to happen more easily, please consider my template program with e-course.

example of a financial advisor business plan


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