Financial Advisor Time Blocking to Boost Productivity

time blocking equals freedom

I often write about financial advisors who are not working productively. They allow the pressures of the day to take them off task. They run around willy-nilly without any real order to their day. It’s no wonder then that they don’t get much done, let alone make time for proactively managing their business.

Could you benefit from time blocking?

If this sounds like you, then you could benefit from time blocking to get things done. Time blocking provides two benefits. It gives a visual reminder on your digital calendar that you must work on specific activities. What happens when you are reminded about accomplishing a task? You tend to do it! The second benefit is that you tend to NOT schedule other tasks during this time, which allows you to work on your business goals.

Aha Moment: A time-blocked 35-hour workweek yields better results than a 55-hour workweek with no structure

Think of time blocking this way: when you are working with a model workweek designed specifically for financial advisor tasks, you can accomplish in a 35-hour workweek, the same if not more than you would in a 55-hour, unorganized workweek. This means you can significantly cut down on work tasks that bring you no benefit AND YOU CAN GO HOME EARLY.

Financial Advisor Productivity Resources:

Below I have listed a few blog posts pertaining to the topic of productivity, model workweek, and other time management success tips. My hope is that you read each and every one of these topics so that you can get a handle on your time.

The Best Financial Advisor Schedule – What kind of days should you have in your week? Not every day is the same! To be organized and productive, create three types of workdays.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm – Get to Work Before 8am – When you are focused on a sales or prospecting goal, the best thing you can do is get to work early enough to accomplish much bigger objectives.

How Busy Are You? Overcoming Overwhelm in the Investment Management Business – What are some of the key reasons for you to be avoiding doing your work? Are you simply doing tasks that someone else should be doing?

Quit Doing That! 19 Bad Habits Financial Advisors Can Banish – Are you slacking off? Are you giving your business the attention it deserves? If you have any of these bad habits, you need to address them so that you can focus on being the best financial advisor you can be!

5 Things You Can Do in 10 Minutes Daily That Will Move your Practice Forward – If you don’t know the specifics of what you should be doing daily, this is a good reminder of how to get into productivity and what you should be focusing on.


So that’s 5 articles that can help you organize your day, get rid of bad habits, face the key reasons you’re not doing anything about getting organized, and create a system to achieve your goals.

If you’re ready to get motivated and achieve more than you ever have before, request a consultation!

5 Ways to Craft a Financial Advisor Seminar Title That Will Attract An Audience


You’re a financial advisor who wants to grow their practice. You’re tired of the slow growth, hare-and-porpoise method of practice growth, and you’re ready for some real progress. You’re fairly good at public speaking, and once you get a prospect in front of you, your close ratio is rather high. So you’re considering seminar marketing as a way to get in front of more potential clients as a way to boost your financial brand.

The choice of seminars-in-a-box available to you through your broker-dealer is fairly ho hum. Social security topics were popular for a while, but now there’s far less interest, probably because there have been so many advisors in this space.

So now you’re thinking that a custom seminar, one that you develop yourself, is the best approach.

But getting prospective clients to attend your seminar can be a tricky task. Your business goal is to fill the room with attendees so that you can obtain more prospects to market your practice. How do you get more rear ends in the seats? The first step in creating a successful seminar is coming up with an enticing seminar title!

This article will give you 5 ways to craft a title for your financial advisor seminar which will help you improve your marketing!


1.Grab their attention with an enticing seminar title!

The number one most important element in successful seminar marketing is the title. If you don’t have a killer title, you won’t have a full house because most people won’t be intrigued by your tile and moved to learn more.

***On average, 8 out of 10 people will notice the seminar title and take action to learn more if the headline grabs their attention. That’s why getting the headline right will lead to more people reading your message and signing up for your seminar. This determines whether you will have a few drop ins, or whether you end up with standing room only.


2.Ask a question in the seminar title

When we see a question, the subconscious mind seeks to answer it. We pause. We consider if the answer to the question is important to us. We take notice. That’s why using a question in your seminar title can be a very effective way to garner interest in your subject.

Here are a few question titles

  • What’s YOUR retirement number?
  • Is your retirement secure?
  • Are you confident about your financial future?
  • Are you in danger of outliving your money?
  • Wondering about retirement?
  • Need to figure out your financial future?


3.Use a “how to” model and show them what they will learn

Some of the most well attended seminars have been those that communicate to the attendee that they will learn something specific, with a step-by-step approach. What does your audience most want to learn? What are the points of pain keeping them awake at night? Develop a seminar that addresses a pain and provide a how to approach to learning the solution.

For example, a small business owner might be tired of paying excessive taxes each and every year on the profits of his successful business. He might also be experiencing high employee turnover. Training new staff is expensive and time consuming. How might you help this client kill two birds with one stone?

This title might help:

How to Use Retirement Plans to Decrease Taxes and Attract Quality Employees


4.Use numbers in your seminar title

The mind is naturally drawn to numbers. Our subconscious mind is triggered when information is organized into logical order: it becomes more attractive! Consider the difference between the following two titles:

  • Save Taxes During Retirement
  • 7 Ways to Save Taxes During Your Retirement Years

In the second example, we are given something specific that we can focus on that gives us a clear picture of how we can use the information. We are intrigued by the offer and want to learn more.

Here are a few more examples:

  • 7 Social Security Secrets Women Need to Know
  • 9 Laws of Money for Divorced or Widowed Women
  • 5 Facts About Investing You MUST Learn BEFORE You Hire a Financial Planner
  • 3 Ways to Insure Your Retirement Plan with Long Term Care Insurance


5.Promise a benefit in the tagline

The headline explains the topic, but a tagline serves to explain the benefits of attending the seminar. A tagline can “finish off” your seminar title and give it the marketing pizazz it needs.


What are the benefits to financial planning and investment management? Here’s a list:

  • Sleep soundly at night
  • Retire early
  • Live a stress free retirement
  • Leave a legacy – leave assets to future generations
  • Achieve goals more quickly
  • Invest intelligently
  • Live the good life
  • Clarify lifetime goals
  • Improve future potential
  • Replace income
  • Achieve lifetime goals
  • Find financial freedom
  • Live a beach-side retirement
  • Obtain clarity of financial direction
  • Plan for a carefree, wealthy retirement
  • Prepare for life’s emergencies
  • Take care of loved ones
  • Work less, have more fun
  • Find a financial solution


Next Steps

Crafting the right title for your seminar is the most important element of financial advisor seminar marketing. If you can entice interest, get a second look, and be irresistible, you will have the winning balance needed to make seminars work.


Follow my blog for future posts about how to ramp up your seminar marketing!

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