Are you a Financial Advisor Generalist?

generalist?Do you work with anyone who has a pulse? In my work as a coach for financial advisors, I have noticed that most of my clients are generalists when they first start working with me.

If you work with anyone, you are a financial advisor generalist!

There’s nothing wrong with being a generalist if you are quite happy with your practice, your clients, and where your firm is headed.

But if you want to GROW your firm, potential clients want to work with a financial advisor who understands their specific challenges, issues, and points of pain.


Prospective clients are less likely to hire you if you are a generalist.

Think of it this way: go in the bathroom and look in the mirror. Chances are you might say, “Hey, that’s a pretty nice looking guy/gal staring back at me.” You know you. You understand you. You are accustomed to seeing your image. You are the most important person to you.

When a group photo is taken with you in it and you get the chance to see the photo, who do you look for first? Why, you of course! Because you are the most important person in your life.

Prospective clients feel the same way. If your brand is focused on YOU, rather than prospective clients, then you are not sending a good message that welcomes new clients.

Prospective clients subconsciously want you to focus on THEM, not you.

Have you ever read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? If you have, you know that the most powerful word to most people is their own name.

If you care about your clients and you are a client-focused financial advisor, it makes sense for you to focus on your clients, in your branding and marketing messages.

There are exceptions to this. If you are a celebrity like Suze Orman, then you can brand your firm around YOU, but even so, you should still have content devoted to your niche clients and how you serve them.

If you’ve never considered becoming an advisor with a target market, it’s time to look into it.

Contact me for a consultation to learn more!


Are You Insane? Are You Doing the Same Things Over and Over and Expecting Different Results?

Rock N RollEinstein was a genius and the insanity quote is often attributed to him. But why is this a popular quote? I believe it’s because we are all guilty of repeating the same behavior over and over again and then being surprised when it doesn’t yield results.

Perhaps you’ve been in a job for a number of years. You’ve been passed over for partner the last three years in a row. You work your tail off by volunteering for projects, mentoring colleagues, and staying late every night. Your clients love you and your work mates think the world of you, and yet you haven’t gotten the attention of the higher-ups. Is staying at your company for three more years going to yield different results? Or are you engaging in wishful thinking?

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of your next career move. An exciting position in portfolio management or private equity where you can grow your skills and provide value for your fellow workers. You’ve tried sending out resumes over and over again, but you’ve never heard back from a single employer. You don’t really know what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for, yet you continue to submit resumes online. Is this behavior likely to result in success?

This time you’re a financial advisor. You’ve been in the business 20 years and you’ve grown slowly but surely over time. You hired a marketing firm a few years ago to come in and analyze what you’re doing and what you need to do. They left you with a fancy Marketing Plan that never was implemented. You’ve got a template website that has never brought you a client and you’re even quite embarrassed to send people to your site. You’ve heard about “Inbound Marketing” and how branding your firm will make a difference in your results. But you really don’t know what to do with your brand. So you think up a new tagline. That doesn’t get you where you want to go. What’s an advisor to do?


The quote I prefer over the Einstein insanity saying is:


“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success.”

Bruce Feirstein


When you keep doing the same things over and over rand you’re not getting results, it’s time to bring in my expertise!

Coaching works because you have me as your expert guiding you through a coaching process that yields results.

When a consultant goes home at the end of the job, you are left without support.

When you work with me, you improve your results because you have an expert on your team who has seen it all and can offer guidance as to what works, in your special case.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

If you want to improve your results this year, then request a consultation and we’ll look at what you want to achieve.

There’s no sense in banging your head against the wall. You can achieve success, with me!

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