Use Benefits in Your Value Proposition

Financial Advisors Can Use BENEFITS rather than FEATURES in their Value Proposition


Are you making the mistake of focusing too much on features you provide rather than benefits clients are seeking?

Never forget, prospective clients always want to know:

“What’s in it for me?”

Potential clients have concerns based on problems they are experiencing and they are looking for solutions. So when you talk about what you do, when you put together marketing pieces about what you do, and when you write content for your website, you’d be wise to focus on the benefits of working with a financial advisor in your value proposition.

It’s great that you have decades of financial planning experience or you that you have that coveted CFP credential, but for prospective clients, it really comes down to this:

“Can you help people like me find a solution to my problem and if so, what is the BENEFIT to me?

First, let’s look at features. Here are common features or firm attributes that clients really don’t care much about:

  • That you offer financial planning, estate planning, wealth management
  • That you act in the client’s best interests (you’ll have to prove this)
  • That you are experienced (don’t just say this, explain what it means to the client)
  • That you are credentialed (how does your credential help your client?)
  • That you are independent (explain why this matters)

Here is a list of financial-related benefits that clients are seeking from advisors. If they apply to you, use them in your value proposition:

  • We offer custom financial solutions for our clients’ needs. We work with [niche 1], [niche 2], and [niche 3]. We understand your challenges and have the experience to offer tailored solutions to meet your financial needs. (See Target Market possibilities for financial advisors)
  • We provide financial planning expertise that allows clients to free up time they may have been spending on managing their financial matters, so that they can engage in activities that are important to them
  • We offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in investment management that helps clients by diversifying their investment risk
  • We offer comprehensive financial services to high-net-worth investors seeking knowledge, expertise, and personalized care
  • We help clients sleep better at night by providing peace of mind and comfort knowing assets are protected from market volatility now and in the future
  • We help clients achieve financial prosperity by understanding their desires, lifestyle, goals, and aspirations
  • We help clients avoid exposure to financial risks that threaten their retirement assets by providing advice on life insurance and long-term care insurance
  • We help our clients preserve the assets they have saved during their lifetimes, help them live comfortably in the present, and help them design a secure retirement
  • We help blended families pass on their assets to family members so that they feel secure knowing they are leaving a legacy that is meaningful
  • We are passionate about building trust and security with our clients by providing a high level of personalized service


Here are benefits, simply stated, that you can use in your marketing messages:

  • Retire early
  • Live a stress free retirement
  • Leave a legacy – leave assets to future generations
  • Achieve goals more quickly
  • Invest intelligently
  • Live the good life
  • Clarify lifetime goals
  • Build a dream home
  • Improve future potential
  • Replace income
  • Achieve lifetime goals
  • Find financial freedom
  • Live a beach-side retirement
  • Obtain clarity of financial direction
  • Plan for a carefree, wealthy retirement
  • Prepare for life’s emergencies
  • Take care of loved ones
  • Work less, have more fun
  • Find a financial solution


If your Value Proposition is not focused on the benefits clients are seeking, please take the time to update your marketing messages. Remember, clients are looking for advisors with experience in their unique challenges. They care about what you can DO for them that results in a BENEFIT that improves their enjoyment of life.

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I Can’t Want More for You Than You Want for Yourself!

Does coaching work?I was asked today what is my success rate coaching my clients. It’s always an interesting question that I can completely understand from the prospective client’s point of view. They want to know “Does coaching with me really work?”

After all, working with me is not inexpensive and with a minimum time commitment it means clients can’t back out once they begin the process. You have to really want it! A better life, more income, a new job, new clients, better quality clients, a better career, a more rewarding position – the list goes on…

Coaching with me means doing things differently from the way you’ve done them before. It means not continuing to do the same things over and over again while expecting different results, which of course is the definition of insanity (thank you Einstein).

I’ve been working in the financial industry for the last 15 years, and the last 11 years with my own independent coaching practice. I’ve seen it all at this point. People who desperately want more out of life who are willing to do the work; people who SAY they want more yet when the rubber meets the road, there is no action.

When I was still at Vanguard, I made mistakes in character judgment. I took on coaching a failing project leader, on my own time. How he got into the department I’ll never know, because this young guy was completely unprepared for the job. He didn’t have the skills. He didn’t have even basic presentation skills or grammar skills, nor did he know how to conduct himself in front of clients. That wasn’t the worst part. He simply didn’t have the work ethic needed for the job. I was barking up the wrong tree. I was simply wasting my time, and he ultimately left the department.

These days, I don’t make the same mistakes I made when I was first starting out in my own coaching practice. Back in 2004, I took on clients who SAID they wanted more financial success in their lives. I agreed to work with clients who seemed gung ho about climbing the corporate ladder, yet they lacked action and even worse, they claimed victimhood. This was not “the dog ate my homework.”

Excuses were many

  • “I don’t have time to do my homework.”
  • “I can’t ask my manager for time to engage in skill building.”
  • “I don’t feel comfortable asking clients if they are happy with our service.”
  • “I don’t like public speaking.”
  • “This is too hard.”
  • “Isn’t there an easier way?”


I ask “Are you willing to work on your goals from 1-3 hours per week?”


  • No work. No results.
  • No getting out of your comfort zone. No results.
  • No devoting time to your skills. No results.

So, what did I answer to the question: Does coaching with me really work?

Of course it does!!!! You betcha! No kidding!

What I want for YOU is to achieve a higher level of success! Whether that means landing your dream investment position or doubling your financial advisory practice income, if you WANT it, I can help you GET it!

But I can’t want more for you than you want for yourself.

Contact me for a consultation. Let’s talk about your goals!

When you work with me, you’ll have access to my Private Client Website with private content to help you achieve your goals.

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