7 Ways to Take Control of Your Practice Today

Take ControlAre you getting through the week by the skin of your teeth? Is there just enough time to get through paperwork, put out fires, tackle email, meet with clients, and before you know it, it’s the end of the week? If so, your business is running you ragged.

Successful financial advisors learn to take control of their practice through the use of a model work week and good business practices.

Only a small percentage of advisory firms will ever take control of their long term destiny. This is because many advisors don’t think of their practice like a business. It could also be because they haven’t had positive role models or mentors to guide them. Or it could be that they just have not been educated on what it means to create long term success in an advisory firm.

Here are three truths:

  1. You own your practice.
  2. You have the ability to make your practice work for you.
  3. The only thing stopping you is YOU.

Oh I know some of you will say “But Suzanne, I have work to do and little time to concentrate on anything other than what comes up daily.”

Moving beyond where you are today means taking the time to plan out what needs to happen. My most successful clients understand that it takes time and effort to build a financially successful endeavor, however, many advisors could use tips on how to do this.

Throughout the years I have compiled a list of best practices for use in growing at a faster rate. This list can be used as mid-year planning or end-of-year planning.


7 signs that you are not in control of your practice and what you can do about it:

1. You have only enough time to get through the week – create a daily and weekly success schedule and follow it

2. You don’t spend time THINKING about the bigger Vision of where you want your business to go – write a Business Plan and block time to strategize monthly if not weekly

3. You have no time for marketing, writing, and creativity – just do it! Block time to write and be creative. This is the way to set your firm apart from the competition.

4. You don’t create daily and weekly priorities – create a model work week and list of the top 5 priorities of the week every Monday morning and make sure you complete them

5. You don’t have a weekly staff meeting – commit to success – create a standard agenda, assign a person to run the meeting, and end every meeting with action items. No truly effective meeting ends without action.

6. You don’t have sufficient staffing to run your practice – decide where your bottlenecks are, commit to change, and create a job description to ease them

7. Make a plan to move your practice forward – efficiency equals success. Excellent service equals achievement. Determination is the great motivator.


The good news is that getting the results you want is possible. You didn’t get where you are overnight so you won’t get where you want to go quickly. The best thing you can do is commit to incremental change and work on your practice over time.

To learn more about taking control of your practice, request a consultation.

Your Brand: Designing a Custom Brochure

Financial Advisor Brochure

Brand Your Firm With a Custom Brochure

What reaction do you want prospects, centers of influence, and clients to have when you present your custom-designed brochure?

You want them to say verbally Wow. Nice brochure. And you want them to think subconsciously I am impressed by this financial advisor. They present themselves well and they offer what I’m looking for.”

So why do the majority of financial advisors, financial planners, and wealth managers fail to invest in a one-of-a-kind brochure that presents their skills, expertise, and background in the most positive light possible? I believe most advisors don’t know how to communicate their unique value. That’s why I enjoy working with advisors on branding their brochure as part of their brand strategy.

Benefits of a custom designed financial advisor brochure

  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Claim your unique space
  • Attract affluent clients
  • Announce the benefits of working with you
  • Easily attract referrals

Brochure design tips

Here are a few tips for how to design a killer brochure for your practice. As you know, I believe in attracting affluent clients, so the design of your brochure should focus on BENEFITS of working with you:

Value Proposition

Work on creating a unique VP that details why someone should work with you over your competitors. If you don’t know how to create a Value Proposition then you may need to hire me to help you as this is the MOST critical branding element that will help you succeed!

What Makes You Different

Create a section that talks about your uniqueness. Studies show that the eye gravitates to any statement about uniqueness as we are programmed to seek out that information.

Our Team

Produce distinct biographies for everyone on your team and detail what it is about each team member that will help provide first class SERVICE for your clients.

Quality images

Affluent clients use the internet for anonymous research. They want to feel a connection to the advisors and planners they decide to hire, so utilize quality images in the design.

Call to action

One of the biggest mistakes made in design and branding is failing to tell people what to do next. What do you want readers of your brochure to do after reading it? Call you? Request a Second Opinion appointment? Go to your website? Tell them what to do.


Provide your brochure as a downloadable option on your website where potential clients can save it as a PDF and view later on their ipad or tablet. These days internet visitors would love to come across your brochure and rather than contacting you to request it, they can download your brochure and read it at their leisure.

These are the important factors that make up a successful custom brochure design. In my opinion you must invest in your brand and your brochure in order to attract ideal clients, develop relationships with centers of influence, and stand apart from the competition.

Request a Consultation to learn more!

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