A Financial Advisor Business Plan Template You’ll Want to Use

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Plan Your Success and Jump for Joy!

Are you looking for a Business Plan Template that’s easy to use, has 4 sample advisor business plans to follow,  includes a Writing Your Plan Course, Marketing Idea E-Books, and a Fill-in-the Blanks template? Want to organize your practice once and for all?

I have been coaching successful advisors now for the past 8 years and I’ve collected all my knowledge to help you find success in your firm.

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Why do we write a Business Plan? Is it because we want to waste time and dream about what could never be? NO!  Smart advisors and entrepreneurs alike write a business plan because they want to plan for their success. They want to envision what their life would be like if they achieved their goals, followed through on their strategic planning, and implemented their marketing plan.

Why don’t we want to write a plan?
I’ll never forget the first client I tried to get to write a business plan. It was one of those twenty five page to fifty page varieties with multiple sections and detailed financial projections. Each week I checked in with my client and he was no further ahead than the week before. When I asked what was holding him back, he said “It’s just too daunting a task to write out a long plan.”

Template of a Business PlanIf you are looking for an EASY template with four sample financial advisor plans, a six day emailed course to help you write your own plan, and a ton of marketing tools, consider getting my Business Plan Template program.

Everything is available for you to download directly to your own computer quickly and efficiently. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you really can’t go wrong! After purchase, you’ll automatically receive the six-day E-course and you’re on your way to a Business Plan that will help you find the success you want!

Here’s what you get:

sample business planning doc ms word







Is there a better way to write a Business Plan?
YES! Create a short and simple plan that contains only the information you want and need. Do you need a section about competitors? Probably not. Do you need a section about the executive team? Not really. Do you need an executive summary? Not if you’re the only one looking at your plan.

You Will Follow a Template
What you need is a Vision of where you want to be five to ten years from now. You don’t want to be working fifty hours a week in ten years, do you? Financial advisors have the ability to create a practice where they set the boundaries of how much they will work, and how much they can delegate. You can work remotely from your beach house? How nice would that be?

You need a plan for your Brand. There are far too many advisors out there all doing the same thing. Using the same business cards, the same unremarkable template websites, and the same underwhelming elevator speeches. Your brand has to be different and represent your core values and your passion.

You need to plan your Goals. How much income do you want? What is really possible if you put your mind to it? How many clients do you want? Surely not 150? You’ll be run ragged trying to service that many clients.

You need to plan your Strategies. A strategy is an overall plan for how you will accomplish your goals. Will you leverage client referrals? Will you have successful strategic alliances? Will you use your website as a prospecting tool? Will you niche your practice?

You need to plan your Marketing Tactics. A tactic is the nitty-gritty for how you will carry out your strategies. Will you give seminars? Will you use social media? Will you use Inbound Marketing, writing your own articles and blog posts, to grow your reputation?

Look for Samples
Other successful advisors have come before you. How can you get a look at their business plan? How can you leverage your time and not waste it on strategies and tactics that don’t work? There’s no need to re-invent the wheel.

My Mini Business Plan Template can help you create everything I’ve mentioned above. Success doesn’t come easy without the right plan and time investment. You can save time and effort by using my program.

Here’s what’s included in the E-Course:

Six days of help, assistance, tips, strategies, mistakes to avoid, and more.

Day 1 – How to create an effective Business Vision; 10 Powerful Marketing Tactics;

Day 2 – How to create an effective Mission Statement; what to do with it once you have created it; 3 sample Mission Statements focused on the client

Day 3 – Branding checklist to help you stand out from the crowded advisory field; 3 brand must-have’s; how much you can expect to pay for each brand component

Day 4 – Sample production and activity goals; sample one year goals; sample five year goals

Day 5 – Top 3 most effective strategies to grow a financial planning firm;

Day 6 – Marketing E-book with oodles of tactics to employ;

Bonus Day 7 – 2 emails: 4 natural and genuine referral scripts; detailed Elevator Speech Template; How to use Client Appreciation Events to grow your firm


It’s time to get going on building your practice. Learn from me! As a Business Coach who has worked with firms from 20 Million to $600 Million in assets under management, I have the experience and tools to teach you how to create a Financial Advisor Business Plan Template that works for you.

Template of a Business Plan

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