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2 Types of Financial Advisor Motivation

Coaching financial advisors day in and day out, I am very aware of their motivation and work habits which reminds me of a great story. I once had a call from an advisor almost 12 ago who was completely unmotivated about his investment management business. He couldn’t seem to muster […]
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3 End of Year Financial Advisor Tasks

We are approaching the end of the year. There’s no doubt that 2016 has been an unusual year in terms of market growth and the contentious U.S. election. There have been many issues to deal with that have perhaps taken you away from focusing on your business. Late November tends […]
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Acknowledging Happy Moments from the Past Year

As we move headfirst into 2016, I’d like my readers to reflect on happy events that occurred for you this past year. All too often, we focus on what went wrong during the year rather than happy moments that brought us joy. We can get caught up in disappointments, inadequacies, […]
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Is Unsolicited Advice Criticism? You Bet It Is!

Have you ever overheard someone’s plans and chimed in thoughtlessly with your own opinion? Or worse yet, have you yourself proudly announced plans to do something that may be considered out of your comfort zone, dangerous, or spontaneous, only to receive unsolicited advice? It doesn’t feel good, does it? Our […]
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