Financial Advisor Prospecting Letters – How to write a great prospecting letter

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Purpose of prospecting letters:

Letters are meant to warm up your warm prospecting list and/or generate leads.

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Create a Prospecting Campaign!

Below are letters you can use in a prospecting campaign to attract more clients to your practice.

What I do: I urge my clients to take the initiative, step out of their comfort zone, and get creative! Don’t miss an opportunity to garner new business in the coming year.


Benefits to sending letters:

1. Warm reception: Send more than one letter! Prospecting letters should be part of a campaign, not a solo tactic as they warm up your list.

2.Success rate: Combine sending letters with follow up phone calls and your success rate will soar.

3. More opportunities:  When following up via phone, your prospects will know who you are, making it easier to stay in conversation mode.

4. Get systematic:  Successful prospecting is not about sending one letter and hoping people will call. If you plan out the number of letters you’ll send weekly, you’ll have to get systematic in your follow up by using a database about who to call during your Power Hour.


Prospecting Letter Success Tactics:

1. It’s not about you, every time:  Make your letters about your ideal clients. What could their challenges be? How can you help solve these challenges?

2. Use of Postscript: In some of your letters, add a PostScript. Sample: P.S. Thank you so much for reading my letter. Just so you know, I will be following up with a phone call. I look forward to speaking with you!

3. Letter Length: Try to keep your letters to one page, anything longer and you may lose their interest.

4. Scannable: Make your letter easy to read! Notice how this article is “scannable”? I have subheadings, numbered lists, and bullet points. This article is easy to read. Try to do this with your letters.

5. Hand write your envelope: Get your letter read by handwriting the envelope. These days most letters we receive are printed by machines. Curiosity forces us to open letters that are handwritten.


Sample Prospecting Letters:

Starbucks Letter – we are here to answer your investment-related questions. We are your go-to professionals.

Financial Advice Letter – Situations where friends or family may need investment advice (how to get good referrals)

Financial Advisor Prospecting Letter Announcing New Service or Website –  When you roll out a new website or new service, this is the letter to use.

Financial Advisor Prospecting Letter to target Business Owners – Use this letter to reach business owners who want help balancing business and personal finances.


Sample Response Forms

Standard Response Form


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