Investment Industry New Leader Coaching Program

• Have you recently been promoted in your firm?
• Looking for support in your new role?
• Ready for the challenges ahead?

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers, Executive Coach for new leaders in investment and finance firms. Coaching is an excellent way to ensure your successful transition into your new role.

Coaching provides new leaders a way to develop and grow their leadership skills so that they assimilate more easily into their new role.

Imagine making a smooth transition. You only have one shot at creating a good first impression in your fist few months as a new leader. Let me help you overcome challenges and get straight to success.

Here are a few areas we may review:

1) Mindset Shift

Easing into your role may require a transition to not only the duties and responsibilities of your new role, but also a mindset shift in thinking, feeling, and acting.

2) Relationships

Your peers may have been accustomed to you in your prior role; your new role needs new thinking. Developing good relationships with management, leadership, and team members requires new skill development.

3) Setting Objectives

What are the goals, actions, and activities necessary for success? We will focus on getting results and achieving goals more quickly during our coaching sessions.

4) Skill Building

Which skills need refining? Internal communications, alternative behaviors, attitudes, and strengths. You'll have "skill muscles" that need flexing to develop and grow in your new role.

5) Organizational Communication

Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is necessary for organizational success. We will work on strengthening interpersonal relationship skills and how to become a problem solver.

6) Time Management

What best practices need tweaking? You'll need to find more time in your day and learn to be more effective at managing your availability. In order to do this, there are necessary changes to be made.

7) Behaviors

What behaviors need to be modified? How should your thinking processes adapt in this new role? The old way of handling issues may need to improve. Making changes requires takingn one step at a time.

8) Be a role model

Being ethical and having integrity means doing what you say you'll do. You'll look at ways to be a better person, one that people look up to and you'll become an inspiring leader.

9) Coach others

One important trait of great leaders is teaching others to be the best at what they do. Mentoring and helping your team set goals and create positive outcomes is crucial to your success.

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