10 Powerful Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisors

10 Powerful Marketing Tactics for Financial Advisors: Are you still marketing using the same old tired tactics? Want to learn how to reach your ideal clients using 21st Century Marketing Tactics?

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10 Powerful Marketing Tactics

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10 Powerful Marketing Tactics

Here’s what you’ll learn from my Marketing Tactics E-Book:

This guide will give you 10 ideas, strategies, and tactics that you can implement to bring clients right to your front door. You’ll be able to create a 21st Century Marketing Plan to drive new prospects, clients, and media to your firm.

You’ll learn:

* How to use EFFORTLESS MARKETING techniques
* How to BRAND your practice to STAND OUT from the crowd
* How to MOVE THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND of your prospects
* What PROSPECTS DO BEFORE they contact you
* How to CAPTURE VISITORS to your website
* How to create a PROSPECT FUNNEL
* Specific steps to attract IDEAL CLIENTS
* One simple way to CONVERT prospects to clients
* How to get prospects to TAKE ACTION
* How to POSITION YOUR FIRM as having expertise
* How to effectively use use SOCIAL MEDIA

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Adapt or miss out on growth

Let’s face it. The world has changed. Marketing tactics that used to work in the past are no longer effective. Mailings are ignored in favor of Facebook and Twitter. Phone books and yellow pages are now a thing of the past – we Google everything.

The advent of the Smart Phone

Many consumers have smart-phones. In fact, within the next five years, it is predicted that three out of four consumers will have a smart-phone. You need a GREAT internet presence to win in the 21st Century. If you have not adapted to this new world, you may not grow and achieve the success you deserve. This guide will help you realize what’s needed to adapt and grow your practice.

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