How to Write Your 30 Second Financial Advisor Elevator Speech

6 Step Financial Advisor Elevator Speech

Financial Advisor Elevator Speech: We have all at one time or another been at a loss for words when speaking about what we do, and when that happens, we not only lose confidence, but an opportunity to make connections in the business world.

This Elevator Speech / Pitch Template is help Financial Advisors create a 30 Second Speech (also known as a 30 second commercial) that will help you be more confident. You should also have a shorter 10 second commercial to use in more relaxed business settings or social settings.

I have worked with Financial Advisors since 2004! Most do NOT have a good elevator speech and don’t know how to adequately express the benefits they provide their clients. This is essential for a good Marketing Plan.

In addition, the Finance Career Professionals I work with do not know they need a good Job Search Elevator speech.

My wish for you is to stand out in the crowd, become more memorable, and close more business!

Instructions: Print this page and complete each section

What we will be covering:

1. Describe What You Do
2. Describe Your Target Clients
3. Create Your Hook (Optional)
4. List the Results or Benefits Your Clients Achieve
5. Put it All Together into Your Commercial
6. Practice, Practice, Practice

* Financial Advisor Elevator Speech Samples

1. Describe What You Do in your Financial Advisor Elevator Speech



What I do: What you do:
I am a Professional Coach I am a financial planner
I am an investment manager
I am a wealth advisor
I help clients focus on their goals
Write a targeted Business Plan
Create a Successful Prospecting Plan
Set goals and intentions
Work on strengths and confidence
Create a Branded Practice to attract affluent clients
Open doors to new possibilities
Create an action plan for success

2. Describe Your Target Clients

You want your listeners to understand who you work with.  You want them to think about who they know that could use your product or service, so give them an idea of who you target.

3. Create Your Hook (Optional)

The Hook: The goal is to be memorable!

Your HOOK should be the first thing you say, the tidbit that makes you memorable. You want to get off to a good start by making an impression on your prospects by starting with a catchy statement. Be interesting and be successful!

You should have several hooks that you can use in differing situations.  Your bold attention-getting hook should be saved for reciting your 30 second elevator speech in front of a group. You should have a less attention-getting hook for one-on-one conversation, one that is not so “salesy.”  Consider asking a question to make people think!

Here are some lead in phrases or hooks to start off your 30 Second Pitch:
Imagine your life with…
Did you know that…?
Now you can have…
Do you want more X in your life?
Does your business need…?
The secret of X…
Have you joined the X revolution?
Get rid of (problem) once and for all…
Here’s a quick way to (solve a problem)…



My Hook: Your Hook:

Who wants to know the secret to business success?

Goals are dreams with deadlines!

Imagine having clients lining up on your doorstep wanting to do business with you…

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4. List the RESULTS or BENEFITS your Clients Achieve

Or, the PAIN you help them avoid rather than FEATURES of your product or service

Typical results/benefits are:

Save time, make more money, achieve prosperity, find wellness, balance investments, live a stress-free retirement, live a satisfying life, have less stress, achieve financial goals, save for a dream home, get clear on financial goals, improve potential, have financial freedom, leave a legacy, protect from liability, have peace of mind, build wealth, provide for my family, avoid pain, wealth-life balance

Financial advisor: “I’m a financial advisor managing my clients investments so that they experience a prosperous and long retirement”

Business coach: “I help clients magnify their wealth & influence so that they can live a stress-free life.”

Other resources:

List of BENEFITS Financial Advisors can use in their elevator speech
Financial services affluent clients want and are looking for in an advisor

Note: If your product or service is difficult to describe or difficult for the client to understand, and you have time, give an example of how you have helped a client or even how you would like to in the future.



My Clients Achieve: Your Clients Achieve:
Creating a vision for their most ideal business
Identifying goals and objectives by creating a Marketing Plan that challenges  them to play a bigger game
Developing a brand for their business that attracts their ideal client who is willing and able to pay their fees
Focusing on key activities designed to move the owner further than they’ve gone before
Developing strategies that appeal to a higher quality of clients so that you are working with fewer clients and charging more for your services

Seasonal Businesses – if your business is cyclic, don’t forget to create a commercial for each season.  This applies to CPA’s, financial advisors, landscapers, business coaches, party planners, home builders, caterers, and more.  Think carefully how this may apply to your business.

5. Put it all together: Your 30 Second Elevator Speech

Develop your 30 second commercial using my template above. Make sure that your commercial is MEMORABLE and appeals to your target client.

Compose your pitch so that you addresswhat you provide your client in terms of BENEFIT. What PAIN doyou solve for them? What makes you different?

You should have several Financial Advisor Elevator Speeches depending upon the circumstances.  You will need a short and zippy 10 second commercial to use when time is in short supply.

Suzanne (notice the bolded benefits)

HOOK: Imagine your life with more SUCCESS and less effort!

I help financial advisors create an Effortless Marketing Strategy designed to maximize their income through sales and marketing tactics.  My clients learn how to draw business to them by becoming experts in their industries, by speaking, writing, and optimizing their websites, and by being bold and daring and taking risks with confidence.

My clients learn to focus on what they do best, attract affluent clients, so that they can take more time off to travel and live the life they’ve always wanted



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6. Practice, Practice, Practice

Stand in front of the mirror and practice your elevator speech.  Practice with your spouse, your friends, and your dog.  Practice a 10 second version and a 30 second version.  You will need both depending upon the opportunity.

You will use a 10 second commercial when you are meeting face to face in a casual networking environment or when you are introduced to someone.

You will use the 30 second version in a more structured situation such as a professional leads organization like Le Tip or BNI.

Closing Comments

Your biggest opportunity for success with your 30 Second Elevator Speech lies in how you follow up with contacts after meeting with them.  What do you do with all the business cards you collected?

Don’t wait for them to call you!  Take the initiative and call or email each person whom you made a connection.  My clients learn to follow up with contacts within 24 hours to schedule coffee or lunch.  Use this opportunity to find out how you can refer business to each other.  Be a “giver” and you shall receive.

Since practice makes perfect, you may need to seek out opportunities to practice speaking in front of a group.  The perfect opportunity to practice public speaking is at your local Toastmasters club.

Find a location near you and give it a try.  Even if you never plan to give a keynote speech to thousands of people, attending Toastmasters will help you speak more confidently not only in front of others, but also one-on-one in everyday situations.

Toastmasters is a supportive environment with a structured meeting that encourages all members whether new or experienced to practice public speaking.

Sample Financial Advisor Elevator Speeches

*Aha moment: The best 30 second commercials are those that give listeners a clear picture of who you work with and how you help them achieve their goals. The listener should be able to form a “mental picture” in their minds of whom they could refer to you.

#1: “I’m a financial planner passionate about serving individuals, families & business owners to help them overcome their money stressors, make better financial decisions, and save more towards their financial goals. My clients have regular review meetings with me to ensure they are on track to meet their goals.

My clients are happier and live a more carefree lifestyle without stress knowing that they have an advisor they can trust.”

#2: I’m an investment manager working with sophisticated high net worth investors, affluent women in transition, and families with generational wealth. My clients tend to have complicated lives and trust me to manage their financial portfolios. They enjoy handing over their finances to an advisor they can trust.

All my clients enjoy delegating their investments to a professional so that they can live their lives they way they want to: without stress.

#3: I’m a wealth manager helping business owners manage their company assets. I act as a fiduciary managing defined contribution plans such as 401k’s and 403b’s. I also have expertise in non-qualified plans and defined benefit plans. My business owner clients value assistance with tax planning and key person insurance to ensure that they have all their financial bases covered.

My clients report to me that they have improved peace of mind knowing their finances are in good order.

#4: I’m a retirement advisor helping baby boomers avoid running out of money in retirement so that they can live the lifestyle they desire.

End with your offer

  • I offer a free, no obligation review of your current financial situation.
  • I offer a second opinion…
What Clients Say

“Suzanne’s advice was invaluable when it came time for me to brand my independent financial advisory firm. Our work prior on target market, combined with help selecting my company name and colors and building my website have helped me attract my ideal clients and a consistent flow of leads from my website.”

Shanna T.

Financial Planner & Leader

“Don’t think twice about hiring Suzanne. Give coaching the time it deserves, be open, and trust that Suzanne will keep you on the right track.”

Kevin G.

AIF, CRPC, Financial Advisor, New Jersey

“I highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone who is interested in growing their business and maintaining a healthy balance outside of work as well.”

Monica B.

Holistic Practitioner

“Working with Suzanne has helped me to develop a distinctive brand. Having a cohesive brand gives me the confidence to network with and approach high level prospects. If I had not hired Suzanne, I would not have made this progress.

Nicholas E.

CFP® New York

“I truly feel that without Suzanne’s guidance, my business would not have flourished. Her expertise in my field helped me produce the results I needed more quickly. But most importantly, she made me safe enough to recognize the weaknesses in my business (and myself). You can fix anything once you recognize the problem!!”

Peggy B.

Financial Planner ChFC, CLU, AEP, IAR

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