90 Days to New Clients

13-Week Prospecting Program for Financial Advisors

90 Days to New Clients Program: Prospecting is the name of the game when it comes to growing a financial advisory practice. Prospecting allows you to meet with potential clients, turn them into new clients, and generates income for your practice.

90 days to new clients - prospecting program for financial advisors

How do financial advisors learn to prospect?

Every financial advisor is running their own independent business. Whether you’re a captive agent, an advisor with a broker/dealer, or a fee-only registered investment advisor, you own your business and YOU NEED TO PROSPECT to produce income!

Nobody taught you how to prospect, did they?

Well, welcome to 90 Days to New Clients for financial advisors: A 13-week program designed to help you make prospecting systematic by creating a 90 day time period where all you do is focus on getting new clients!

Who’s this for?

types of financial advisors

90 days to new clients for financial advisors

• Advisors who want a “do-it-yourself” way to get new clients
• Independent financial advisors
• Wirehouse financial advisors
• Registered investment advisors
• Financial services sales people

What is a prospect?

…a potential or likely client – one that is waiting for you to begin a relationship with them, who wants and needs your services.

Who created this program?

Hello, I am Suzanne Muusers, Professional Coach to the financial services industry since 2004! Clients hire me to help them GROW their income by developing a prospecting plan that is systematic and repeatable and yields RESULTS.

Is this program for you?

You are not quite ready to hire a coach, even though you know that coaching works, and you’d rather attempt to get new clients on your own. You need a kick in the butt to maintain your motivation and you need reminders and tips on how to keep up your activity level (you’ll get this from the 13 week e-course sent to your email inbox).

What’s included in this program?

#1 90 Days to New Clients Program Guide Describes the program and actions you’ll need to take. The actions correspond to sections of the Weekly Action Planner
#2 Weekly Action Planner A two-page action planner that will force you to be systematic and strategic
#3 Daily Success Schedule Template Create a visual of your most productive daily schedule
#4 Marketing Activities Idea Bank Additional marketing tactics you should employ in growing your business
#5 Sample Marketing Plan An example of a marketing plan to warm prospects
#6 Warm Prospect List Template Organize the list of prospects you will market to
13 Week Motivational E-Course Motivational Course delivered via PDF file on the Thank you page – with tips and strategies to help you create success

Is this just for new advisors?

NO! This prospecting and marketing program is for the new financial advisor and seasoned advisor alike and contains ideas for advisors to grow their client base.  But more than that, it contains a system for you to hold yourself accountable, provided YOU COMMIT to getting out of your chair and off your butt!!!!!

Get a system – 90 Days to New Clients Program

In my work with financial advisors, I have never once met an advisor who had a systematic way to focus on prospecting. I am giving you everything I’ve learned, in a program so you can prospect without hiring me!

How much time should you spend prospecting?

It all depends on how long you’ve been in business. If you’re new, you must spend the majority of your time marketing. If you’ve been around for awhile, you can spend less time marketing.

Time in Years ——- Time you should spend prospecting

0 – 3 years ———————— 75%

4 – 5 years ———————— 50%

6 + years ————————– 25%

How will you benefit from my program?

  • You will FOCUS on tasks to get new clients
  • You will GROW your income
  • You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment about your business
  • You’ll be that much closer to achieving your goals

Make the effort and it will pay off!

What does this program cost?


What’s it worth? It’s PRICELESS!

*** If you hired me for six months to work on getting new clients you would spend over $4000.00. By purchasing my program, you are learning quickly what it took me many years to discover. You will cut years off your learning curve with the success tools provided.

Remember, you’ll get everything you need to develop your systematic marketing plan to get new clients in 90 days PLUS a 13-Week Motivational Course sent directly to your email inbox.

Click Below to Purchase

90 Days to New Clients Prospecting Program

My highly successful system focused on getting new clients, getting productive, and ramping up your prospecting plan.

BIG Bonus!

You’ll also get my E-Book “29 Surefire Ways to Prospect for New Clients

30-day, no questions asked, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, IMMEDIATE ACCESS

This program is completed in 90 days. You have 30 days to request a refund. I find that if you’re not willing to do the work in the first 30 days, you won’t do the work in 90 days either. I know you can create GREAT results! All I ask is that you FOCUS on the process and it WILL work for you.

How does the purchase process work?

Tip: Be sure to use your personal email address when purchasing because corporate email systems have a way of preventing you from getting my emails. If after you purchase my program, you don’t receive the Week 1 email right away, please check your email spam folder.

If you have gmail, you may experience a delay of 1 – 5 hours.

1. After paying, you will automatically go to the THANK YOU page.

2. A short time later you will receive the Week 1 Motivational Course with a link to the products and bonuses.

3. This link will take you to the DOWNLOAD PAGE where you will be able to download all digital products directly to your computer so that you can GET STARTED RIGHT AWAY.

4. You will continue to receive the 13-week course full of great info to keep you on track.

5. You’ll be achieving your goals and growing your income and you’ll be so happy that you purchased my program!

What Clients Say

“Suzanne’s advice was invaluable when it came time for me to brand my independent financial advisory firm. Our work prior on target market, combined with help selecting my company name and colors and building my website have helped me attract my ideal clients and a consistent flow of leads from my website.”

Shanna T.

Financial Planner & Leader

“Don’t think twice about hiring Suzanne. Give coaching the time it deserves, be open, and trust that Suzanne will keep you on the right track.”

Kevin G.

AIF, CRPC, Financial Advisor, New Jersey

“I highly recommend Suzanne’s services to anyone who is interested in growing their business and maintaining a healthy balance outside of work as well.”

Monica B.

Holistic Practitioner

“Working with Suzanne has helped me to develop a distinctive brand. Having a cohesive brand gives me the confidence to network with and approach high level prospects. If I had not hired Suzanne, I would not have made this progress.

Nicholas E.

CFP® New York

“I truly feel that without Suzanne’s guidance, my business would not have flourished. Her expertise in my field helped me produce the results I needed more quickly. But most importantly, she made me safe enough to recognize the weaknesses in my business (and myself). You can fix anything once you recognize the problem!!”

Peggy B.

Financial Planner ChFC, CLU, AEP, IAR

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