About Suzanne Muusers

Hello. I am Suzanne. I coach high achievers in the finance and investment industries.

For the last 15 years I have been working with financial advisors, investment executives, and finance career professionals helping them achieve their business and career goals.

I am a long-time, successful entrepreneur, starting in my early 20’s, with a wholesale business working with the affluent in Hawaii, to a retail business working with the affluent in Scottsdale, Arizona. Then, as a Professional Coach for one of the largest investment management firms in the United States.

I live a well-rounded life including gourmet cuisine, international travel, and luxury experiences that support my clients in seeking and living their best life.

My Mission Statement:

To educate and inspire passionate finance and investment professionals to create prosperous lives where they are planning their success and accomplishing their goals with integrity and joy.

Positive & Motivational


I am a positive force for my clients! I go beyond the obvious to get to the points of pain, the motivation, and the solutions to their challenges.

I believe that unless we focus on leadership, positivity, and success, we are less likely to motivate others and be a positive role model. So some of the work I do with clients is bringing a new point of view, helping to hold a mirror for clients to see the way to a new reality. In other words, a re-invention of YOU!

My Affiliations & Expertise

    • Member – International Coach Federation (2004 – Present)
    • Credentialed ICF Coach following the ICF Code of Ethics
    • Coach U Graduate – Advanced Coaching Program – 2008
    • NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    • Director Public Relations Financial Planning Association Phx (2010 – 2014)
    • Past V.P. Public Relations (2008 – 2010) International Coach Federation- Phoenix
    • Competent Communicator, Airpark Toastmasters
    • Professional speaker
    • BBA International Business and Marketing / University of Hawaii
    • PHD School of Entrepreneurial Hard Knocks

My Coaching Style:

I encourage my clients to grow and expand their skills so that they are at the top of their fields, maximizing their earning potential and living their best life.

I adhere to the International Coach Federation coaching competencies and standards. As a professionally trained coach since 2004, I continue to work on my coaching skills each and every year.

• My Ideal Clients are investment executives, successful financial advisors, and finance career professionals.

• My investment executive clients work on leadership and communication skills. They learn to be better problem solvers while leveraging their time. They obtain great value from having a safe place to strategize and deepen their skills.

• My financial advisor clients want to grow their firms and learn how to brand and market so that they are attracting defined and affluent niche markets.

• My finance career clients want to get ahead in their profession either by finding a new position in their field or company, or they want to work on their business skills.

• I provide a coaching experience that is a “boutique approach” to skill building, not a “one size fits all” training class. My approach is customized to each client’s needs.

Your qualities:

* Entrepreneurial or ambitious in nature
* Committed to your business or career, but value balance in your life
* Want to work smarter, not harder
* Willing to invest in yourself by hiring Suzanne
* Want to grow personally and professionally
* Want to participate in the coaching relationship
* Ready to take action to get what you want
* Ready to commit time working ON your business or profession weekly
* Willing to get out of your comfort zone to grow
* Ready and willing to take Suzanne’s advice or suggestions
* Have integrity and do what’s right
* Refer clients to Suzanne and have an appreciation of her work
* You are vocal about coaching and how it is life-changing

I am international yet U.S.-Based

I enjoy working with international clients as well as those based in the U.S. I feel that diverse segments of the population bring a unique perspective to society. I believe it takes many viewpoints and cultural experiences to be successful and I enjoy passing on this philosophy to my clients.

I love what I do!

Working with clients on their career dreams and business goals is very motivating and rewarding work. I come to my office each day enthusiastic, knowing I am helping my clients create positive changes in their lives.

Reviews and testimonials

Please visit this page for testimonials and reviews from clients who have worked with me.


I have an international background. I was born and raised in Australia. I have lived in Hong Kong, Hawaii, California, and Arizona (since 1990). I have a BBA in Business Administration and International Business from the University of Hawaii. I managed my father’s international business in my early 20’s and went on to start my first business at age 24.

I live in Scottsdale, Arizona with my husband and maintain a vacation home in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling internationally, drinking wine, sampling gourmet food, and learning about life.

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