3 Must Have Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors

must have strategiesThis is a companion piece to my 14 page client-only Marketing Tactics webpage that my clients use when working with me in a coaching capacity. These 3 strategies are crucial for your financial success.

What is a marketing strategy? It is a plan or broad approach to growing a company based upon your company’s business goals. Every effective Marketing Plan is composed of goals, strategies, and tactics. Each marketing strategy can utilize several marketing tactics to achieve the firm’s business goals.

Here are the 3 must have strategies for financial advisors. Each strategy should have multiple tactics. We can work on each one of these tactics one by one: Referrals, social media, a world class brand.

It is my purpose to keep this blog post overly simplistic because marketing is a complicated process as there are SO MANY moving parts. The best way to approach marketing is to take it step by step and add additional pieces as time goes by. What I want for you is to become an expert at attracting your ideal clients and that takes experience and time. Make sure to use the Simple Marketing Plan Template below.


Strategy 1 – Referrals – not one client I have worked with since 2004 has ever leveraged referrals before hiring me.


  1. EXCELLENT SERVICE – create a Client Service Matrix (private) and Client Experience (public) using my tools
  2. Send out a service survey
  3. Create a client call list
  4. Master referral conversations
  5. Send a 3 letter referral campaign
  6. Client appreciation events – at least one per quarter
  7. Referrals from centers of influence
  8. Networking – business groups, social groups, Toastmasters
  9. Public speaking – gain exposure to a large number of prospects


Strategy 2 – Social Media – it’s a new world out there. What worked in the past no longer works. You must communicate with clients and prospects where they will see the message and it’s not newspapers and magazines.


  1. Blogging – a worpress blog hosted ON your domain such as www.yourdomain.com/blog (not an exterior blog such as yourcompanyname.wordpress.com).
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter – optional
  5. Google+


Strategy 3 – World Class Brand – it is vitally important to stand out from the multitude of people and firms calling themselves financial planners. There’s only one way to do this and it’s through your brand.


  1. Logo
  2. Tagline
  3. Business card
  4. Brochure
  5. Website
  6. Newsletter

Once these strategies are implemented and under control you can consider gaining exposure to a larger number of prospects through various additional marketing ideas, strategies, and tactics.


Here is a simple Marketing Plan Template to start this process:

Marketing Plan For Company:
Annual Revenue Goal
New Ideal Clients Goal
New Financial Plans
Marketing Tools Checklist:
Mission Statement
Value Proposition/30 second commercial
Branded Business Card with tagline
Branded Brochure (Downloadable online & print version)
Branded Website
Marketing Strategies Marketing Tactics For Each Strategy
Strategy 1 Tactic 1Tactic 2

Tactic 3

Tactic 4

Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Strategy 4
Strategy 5
Strategy 6
Strategy 7
Strategy 8
Strategy 9
Strategy 10

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