4 Ways to Appeal to Affluent Prospects With Your Brand

4 Ways to Appeal to Affluent Prospects With Your Brand

Targeting affluent prospects is not an easy task. That’s why there is no simple answer to how to appeal to affluent prospects. Accomplishing this task does not involve a get rich quick scheme, an effortless answer, or a magical technique. The affluent are complicated people with complex issues. Learning to target this audience means doing some work with your brand. Are you ready? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get going.

Here are 4 ways to appeal to affluent prospects with your brand:


1. With your Value Proposition

What is a value proposition? It is a collection of statements meant to convey what you offer your clients. When explaining how your service solves problems for the affluent, use language around their concerns such as mitigating the coming tax changes, the level of risk in their investment portfolio, and strategies to pass assets on to younger generations.

2. By investing in your brand

The affluent are accustomed to seeing quality branding materials so take a long, hard look at your brand. Does it need a facelift? Does your brand look like every other advisor in the market place? If you use template brochures and websites to deliver your message, you won’t convey the knowledge and expertise necessary to capture interest.

3. By having a holistic message

Hopefully you believe in the value of financial planning and as such convey the message of holistic wealth management. Not only are the affluent looking for this, they are attracted by the one stop concept. Show them the experience they would have by hiring you, all the bases you would cover, and the benefits of doing so.

4. By using visuals as much as possible

Update your brand

Affluent clients are right brained when it comes to finances. They are well traveled, well educated, and appreciate the finer things in life. The use of visuals such as financial infographics, travel images, and photos conveying relaxation will capture their attention. Even left brained clients like engineers or researchers will understand financial concepts if you portray them using visuals.

Branding Example:

All these points relate to developing a consistent image of how your firm is committed to the needs of the affluent. A case in point: today I received an email from an east coast client. Upon sending out his quarterly billing statements, he received a call from an “A” client who said “I just received the quarterly invoices, and they need help. There is no logo or description of services provided. Get creative!”

What does this mean? Subconscious branding?

  • Some people will notice branding outright and will say so like the case above.
  • Some people will notice yet say nothing.
  • Most see it subconsciously and vote by not hiring you.



Having a brand that appeals to affluent clients is all about strategy and action. You can never go wrong investing in your brand and your value proposition, making your marketing message more holistic, and using visuals to make a point. Make your marketing more about solving problems for the wealthy.


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