5 Marketing Challenges for Introverted Financial Advisors


Are you an introverted financial advisor? Are you a bit shy when it comes to speaking about or marketing your financial advisor practice? That’s OK. Most advisors are terrible with marketing their business. It’s simply because in the past advisors set up shop and waited for clients to walk in the door. And they did. And existing clients referred their friends and relatives. And seminars worked to bring people in.

But these days, advisors must work at marketing and branding in order to differentiate themselves from all the advisors in their crowded marketing space trying to sell the same services.

Financial Advisors as business owners

Whether you are working in a wirehouse, have your practice with a broker/dealer model, or as an independent RIA, you are a business owner. It’s up to you to “bring in the business” or you don’t get paid. You are running a professional practice that has services and products that you want to market.


Introverted Financial Advisors Have 5 Marketing Challenge

1.Don’t know what marketing you should be doing – You may not really understand marketing. What is a marketing strategy and what makes it different from a marketing tactic? A strategy is an overall approach to accomplishing a goal. A tactic is a specific action to accomplish a strategy. Writing a Business Plan can help you get clarity on the marketing you could be doing.

2. You are the business – Unless you’ve grown your practice beyond level 1 in the financial advisor hierarchy of income, you are more than likely the sole proprietor. You do everything. Prepping for client reviews, running client reviews, researching investment options, following the market, trading client accounts, meeting with prospective clients, completing paperwork. Ughh. I’m tired just thinking about everything you’re doing!

3. Time – With all you have to do in managing your business, not to mention having a life, you are short on time. It becomes a challenge to juggle your practice and your marketing, especially if you fall under challenge 1 above. You’ve never put together a Model Workweek to keep you inline and focused on being the most productive you could possibly be.

4. Lacking in creative instinct – As an advisor, you are wonderfully left-brained and analytical. You thrive on the numbers. You love the research. You can create a model portfolio that would knock the socks off most prospective clients. But where is your creativity? The best marketing messages combine not on the left-brained analytical features, but also the right-brain, creative and emotional aspects of the benefits of working with you.

5. Branding – Because you may have started your practice in a wirehouse, you did not learn about branding because your company wanted you to promote THEIR brand. As a result, when you transitioned to your own practice, whether b/d or RIA, you didn’t give much thought or value to branding. Yet, having a distinctive brand is the FIRST PLACE you must start before embarking upon a marketing campaign. Why? If you don’t brand your firm, you will look like all the other advisors scrambling around vying for the same clients, with no unique value proposition and no target market.

50 Marketing Tactics

When I work with financial advisors on Business Development I present a list of 50 prospecting and marketing tactics from my private client website. What invariably happens is that introverted financial advisors select ONLY introverted (passive) marketing tactics while extroverted advisors select ONLY extroverted (active) strategies. However, the best Marketing Plan is one that contains several introverted tactics and several extroverted tactics. I recommend 5-7 tactics in total.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

If you don’t know much about marketing, I recommend taking time to educate yourself and learn what is working these days and what is not. Inbound marketing certainly is one big strategy that is working these days, but it has many moving parts (tactics) that should all work together.


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