5 Things you Can Do in 10 Minutes Daily That Will Move your Practice Forward

Do you get to work and wonder what the heck you should be doing? Are you wandering aimlessly through your work life? If you want to work on your practice in a productive manner then this article is for you. Here are five things you can do daily in under 10 minutes that will keep you moving forward in your practice.


1. Create a Productive Mood (1 minute)

Turn on the music. The value of music in productivity is well known. Music influences mood which in turn improves productivity. In other words, everything is better with music. If your practice is located in an office, then classical music may be in order. If your office is private and you can shut the door, you can pick whatever music makes you happy.

2. Revisit Your Goals (2 minutes)

Keep your annual goals on a 3×5 note card or on your iphone notes app. Review them daily. You should be able to recite your annual goals if I ask you what they are. Can you do that? If not, you need to write them down, review them daily, and work on tasks that get you closer to achieving your annual goals.

3. Create your Call List of the Day (2 minutes)

Who do you need to call today? You should be calling at least five clients daily to touch base with them and let them know you are thinking about them. You can use this call to ask if they have any concerns, to remind them that they have a review meeting coming up, or to find out what is going in their life.

4. Consult your Marketing Calendar (2 minutes)

Look ahead at what needs to be done for marketing activities that are coming up. Planning your marketing tactics ahead of time is smart. Time has a habit of sneaking up on us, so having an excel spreadsheet to plan out your monthly events helps you to take the time to do plan it out.

5. Create Top 3 Priorities of the Day (3 minutes)

The reason most people don’t get everything done in a day is because they are unrealistic with what they are reasonably capable of doing with the time they have available to them. What are the top three things that NEED to get done today? What absolutely has to be completed by the end of the day?


There you have it. Five things you can do in 10 minutes per day that will keep you focused on the most important tasks you need to complete today plus the things you should be keeping an eye on for the future. Learning how to get what you want and focusing on how to get it – those are the keys to success!


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  1. J.D. Meier says:

    I’m a fan of three priorities for the day.

    I actually call them “My Three Wins” … Winning adds the fun factor.

  2. J.D. I like “My Three Wins.” Gives it more of a success orientation. Thanks, Suzanne

  3. Hi Justin! Thanks for stopping by. 80’s music huh? Those were the days! I don’t think I could get much done while listening to The Cure. :) Suzanne

  4. Mitch, Yes, we sometimes don’t use music when we should. In the car I usually listen to talk radio for some reason. On long trips I don’t listen to anything. I was just mentioning this to my husband – we’ve just returned from a month long work-cation that took us two days to get home and the entire time we did not listen to any music. He remarked how it would be good for us to listen to Rosetta Stone as it would be a valuable use of time. There’s always next time. Suzanne

  5. I always listen to music when I work. It’s a great motivator.

  6. Dana, yes, music is a GREAT motivator. It sets the mood. It relaxes. It encourages creativity, which you are well versed in! Suzanne

  7. Thank you Donna. Yes, it’s always a good exercise to revisit your goals. Thanks for stopping by. Suzanne

  8. Thanks Farouk. Reviewing the main reason we have the goal in the first place gives us motivation. Suzanne

  9. Steven, thanks for stopping by and adding to the conversation.

  10. Enstine, I give you permission to leave the music on longer than 1 minute! Suzanne

  11. Number 5 is a lifesaver for me

  12. Susan, without priorities it’s difficult to really focus and get things done. I find that if I start that 3 item list first thing in the day I am handling top issues. Thanks for stopping by. Suzanne