6 Personal Branding Tips for Female Financial Advisors

6 personal branding tips for female financial advisors

I am a big believer in making a good first impression. From what I’ve read and from real-world experience, I know that people form an opinion about us within a few seconds of meeting us face-to-face. In the work I do with female financial advisors, I focus on digital branding. This post is about personal branding.

Unlike our online brand, our personal brand is all about us: How we dress, the jewelry we wear, and how we carry ourselves. These factors contribute to our own personal brand and make an impression on those we meet. Wearing a style that is not right for us, or a color that clashes with our skin tone can be a detriment to our personal branding success.

Clarisse-RingwoldI had the pleasure of meeting Clarisse Ringwald of Trevortni Color Creations a few weeks ago. Clarisse provides image consulting for women and men who want to look their very best. I’ve asked Clarisse to give my female financial advisor readers a few tips on how to present a stylish facade that will allow them to make a great first impression.

6 Personal Branding Tips for Women Financial Advisors


Women Advisors Branding Tip 1:

I love to wear beige and brown colors but I’ve been told that although these colors may suit my skin tone, I should wear jackets and suits in colors that stand out. What’s your opinion on wearing bold colors?

Its all about line and design. Beige and brown colors are great colors, especially for blondes, picking up some or all the shades of their hair. If wearing a beige or brown suit or jacket, I would definitely pair it with a bold colored top, from a pastel to a rich jeweled tone. Matching the color of your hair and/or your eyes in any outfit will make the outfit complete. Besides, I am of the opinion that jeweled tones are our friends after 35! A financial planner with dark hair, leaning toward a navy or charcoal suit or jacket, I would recommend pairing with a bold color matching their eye color. When you enter a room, you want to be THAT person who takes command of the audience.

Women Advisors Branding Tip 2: What’s the biggest clothing mistake women make?

Wearing the wrong clothing style for her body type. If the woman is adjusting her clothing all day, tugging at it, pulling the clothing down or pulling in her stomach to make it fit, it’s the wrong style for her body type.

Women Advisors Branding Tip 3: What’s one great wardrobe investment all women should make?

A fabulous leather handbag.

Look instantly slimmer using a handbag instead of a shoulder bag. Shoulder bags tend to be bulky and add inches to your hip area.

Women Advisors Branding Tip 4: I personally love jewelry and I’ve heard that we should have one great jewelry piece per outfit. What’s your opinion on jewelry?

For professional wear, I tend to agree that one great statement piece of jewelry, especially worn close to the face, per outfit is the rule to follow. This does not include a nose piercing or a tongue piercing.

I have great pins that I use on my suit jacket lapels. If I wear a pin, I do not wear a necklace. Bangle brackets are distracting and I would not recommend them for a professional meeting. However, a great watch is a fine piece to complement the statement jewelry.

Portrait of happy businesswoman in formal dress

Women Advisors Branding Tip 5: What’s one fashion rule women can break from time to time?

The latest fashion trend is not having shoes and bags match their outfit. The trend theory is too matchy-matchy.

I embrace the teaching of my mentor, Irene Riter, The Science of Personal Dress, which states, light hair, light bottoms and shoes, dark hair, dark bottoms and shoes. Think about it, if a brunette wears white shoes, where does everyone’s eyes go to when she enters a room, her feet. As financial planners and presenters every day, you want to keep the client’s attention to your eyes and face, not your feet.

Women Advisors Branding Tip 6: What’s one fashion accessory that you recommend all women should have?

Scarves in your personalized colors. If you have an outfit that’s not quite right, use a scarf in your colors close to the face to correct!


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  1. Dana says:

    Enjoyed this! I’d like to see an article on what guys can do to improve their own personal branding.
    Dana recently posted..How Much Should You PAY for a Quality Website?My Profile

  2. Suzanne Muusers says:

    Guys don’t have the same opportunity to brand themselves in a personal way. The exception is of course the creative field where you have latitude to wear cool ties and cool outfits.
    Maybe you should guest post?
    Suzanne Muusers recently posted..7 Financial Advisor Marketing Mistakes in 7 WeeksMy Profile

  3. This is great information. Many businesswomen don’t put enough effort into their clothing and how they present themselves. When I started wearing brighter colors, people started remembering more often and they had a more positive response to me. And, I think the one statement piece of jewelry worn close to the face tip is great. Sometimes an unusual or especially attractive piece if jewelry gives people a way to start a conversation with you at a networking event. And, it always seems to make a women look “put together.”Also, most Financial Advisors are seeking to work with high net worth clients. It’s important to appear to be one of their peers. No one wants to hire someone to handle their money that does not seem to be affluent themselves.