7 Financial Advisor Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Firm

There are many ways a financial advisor can market their practice. Through a 7 article series on this blog, I have presented 7 marketing strategies that I think are particularly effective. They focus on leveraging different markets, social media marketing, lead generation, and media relations. By implementing these strategies you can take steps to improve your financial advisor business.

Below is an explanation of each strategy with links to the original posts. They provide great information you can use to take the strategies to the next level.

As you read about the strategies, if you want to learn more about implementing them, contact me. Through business coaching I can help you to get the most from the strategies and help you to implement them in a holistic way. If you are a leader at your organization, and want to learn more about implementing the strategies at that level, executive coaching can help. If you are looking to advance in your career, the success you achieve with these strategies can help.  Through career coaching you can learn about this and other ways to move your career forward.  Also, if you want some general information about success as a financial advisor, you can read about financial advisor success strategies.  There is a wealth of information that can help.

Marketing Strategy 1: leveraging centers of influence

Centers of influence are influential people who are connected to other people. They are the life of the party in a business sense. By making connections with centers of influence, and leveraging those connections, you can reach new potential clients.

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Marketing Strategy 2: market to business owners

Business owners can be excellent clients for financial advisors for a number of reasons. They, and the businesses they have, can be wealthy. They have unique needs and a unique perspective that financial advisors can relate to. They can also be centers of influence. Additionally, they may have a need for participant education for their 401k plans.

As a financial advisor, there are a number of ways you can market to business owners. You can target specific business owners as well as specific businesses. You can also emphasize your connection to them as well as your expertise and the services and options you provide.

You can reach business owners in a number of ways such as through trade publications, trade shows, visiting businesses, direct mail, online marketing, and reaching out to business owners on a regular basis.

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Marketing Strategy 3: social media marketing that works!

Social media is part of our world and it is an essential part of marketing for a financial advisor (it’s not just for vacation photos). Before starting with social media though, it would be a good idea to check to make sure you are in compliance with your company. In addition, you can also develop additional personal guidelines for your posting.

When you do start with social media, a good first step is to consider the different platforms. Select the ones that meet your needs and that reach the clients you are looking for.

Before you start posting, you can consider who your target market is and who the influencers are for them. Knowing this upfront can help you to create more effective posts.

When creating posts, a good tip is to develop categories for them. This can make posting easier and more effective. As another tip, you can also create a social media calendar. This can help you know what to post and when. This can also help you decide how often you want to post.

As you create social media posts, you can consider the tone you want to have and how you can approach posting from a marketing perspective. You can look at the elements of text, images, videos, links, hashtags, tying information together, and SEO, which can make your posts more effective.

As you use social media over time, you can use the statistics from your platforms to improve your results.

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Marketing Strategy 4: market to corporate executives

Corporate executives can make great clients for financial advisors. They are a well-defined group that is typically wealthy and knowledgeable about financial issues. Additionally, they can often be centers of influence.

As a financial advisor, you can meet corporate executives through networking, referrals, and association. You can also connect with corporate executives through marketing such as through your website, by sponsoring an event, or by putting on an event.

However you connect with a corporate executive, the four Ps of being positive, professional, prepared, and having the right presence are important to developing the connection and getting their business. Once you get their business, it is important to provide exceptional service (which is important for every client) as well as information and options so that you can keep them as happy clients.

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Marketing Strategy 5: leads groups and networking groups

One way a financial advisor can get referrals is from leads and networking groups. By participating in these groups, a financial advisor can make connections and get referrals to new clients in a structured way. Two groups you might consider joining are BNI and LeTip.

Learn more about leads groups and networking groups

Marketing Strategy 6: how to get the best press for your firm

As a financial advisor, one tool to consider using to publicize your business is press coverage. Press coverage can add value to your message, reach more potential clients than some other methods, and it can be free in a direct sense.

You can get press coverage by using a service like HARO, and pitching to a reporter, by issuing online press releases, and by doing newsworthy things.

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Marketing Strategy 7: how to use Canva to promote your practice on social media

Canva is a service that allows you to make a variety of images and designs (like the one in this post). They have a free option, the software is easy to use, the images are easy to modify, and you can use them across platforms.

One great way to use Canva is to create images for social media. Including images in your social media posts can make them more effective and appealing to your audience.

Learn more about how to use Canva to promote your practice on social media


There are a number of options when it comes to marketing your financial advisor practice. The strategies and tactics you can implement seem almost limitless.

Using the seven strategies above is a great place to start. By leveraging different markets, marketing through social media, generating leads, and interacting with the media, you can reach potential clients and get the word out about your company.

Read about each of the strategies above and take the steps to improve your business. When you are ready to take things to the next level, contact me and through coaching I can help you get there.

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