Advisors, 4 Surprising Things Prospects Want to Learn When They Visit your Website

What 4 things do prospects want to learn when they visit your website? Have you ever wondered what happens when a prospect visits your website? What do they want to find out? What kind of information are they looking for? What is it about the information your website provides that […]
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hold accountable

Financial Advisors: How to Hold Yourself Accountable and Eliminate Self-Defeating Behaviors

Stop holding yourself back Financial Advisors: How to Hold Yourself Accountable and Eliminate Self-Defeating Behaviors. If you’re not getting the results and success you want as a financial advisor, it’s easy for you to blame outside factors. But in many cases, you may be the one hindering your own success. […]
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7 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Business Development Coach

A little help can go a long way. Business Development Coach: You may be an experienced financial advisor. There’s no doubt about that; however, running a financial advisory business needs a completely separate set of skills if you want to work on Business Development. If you’re not happy with where […]
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Are You a Financial Advisor Perfectionist? 4 Ways Perfectionism Hurts You & What to Do About It

Great is often good enough. At face value, being a perfectionist sounds like a good trait; indeed, it’s always good to strive to do high-quality work. But aiming to do everything perfectly — which is unrealistic — can take a toll on you as an individual and on your financial […]
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Are you too humble? Financial advisors who are too modest or humble can’t grow their practice!

I’ve been working with advisors on Business Development since 2004 and have noticed that there are definitely two types of advisors. The Type One financial advisor has no problem with marketing and growing their practice. These financial advisors can pick up the phone and call centers of influence or people […]
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avoid burnout with self care

Are you burnt out? 5 self-care tips financial advisors need to avoid burnout

In the 16 years I have been working with financial advisors on Business Development, I have come across many clients who have experienced burn out. They may be focused on building a practice, which means doing a lot of prospecting. Or they could be 20 years into their practice and […]
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