How to Ask For Referrals – The Most Effective Way for Financial Advisors

Referrals are a great source of leads. As a Coach for Financial Advisors since 2004, the most common strategy I address right away with my new clients is how to ask for referrals. Most of my finance career clients are not asking for referrals. Most clients are not prospecting for […]
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5 tips for better client review meetings - financial advisors

Financial advisor client review meetings: make them better – FREE downloads!

See the free Client Review Agenda and Client Review Instructions downloads at the bottom of this post. During my work with a coaching client recently, I was motivated by his desire to plan where he wants to be in three years. After discussing his goals, we worked backwards from the […]
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Financial Advisor Storytelling For Referrals

Financial Advisor Storytelling For Referrals: In a recent blog post, we looked at financial advisor referral campaigns.  These are campaigns that encourage clients and others to send you referrals. In looking at referral campaigns, we looked at the importance of providing great service and having a good reputation, as well […]
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Financial Advisor Referral Campaigns

Financial Advisor Referral Campaigns: As a financial advisor, do you know the best way to get new clients? The answer is, having current satisfied clients or others you have an association with refer new clients to you. Why getting new clients through referrals is wonderful Getting new clients through referrals […]
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leads groups like BNI for financial advisors

Financial advisor marketing strategy: leads groups and networking groups

Leads groups and networking groups: As a financial advisor, there are a lot of ways you can get new clients. New clients can find you online. You might get referrals from current clients. You could meet new clients at events. If you are looking to get new clients, you might […]
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financial advisor phone script to meet with centers of influence

Financial Advisor Phone Script to Meet With Centers of Influence for Coffee

I’ve noticed over the years that Financial Advisors rarely cultivate relationships with Centers of Influence (COI). Often it’s because they don’t think about business development or they may not be concerned about growing their business or prospecting for new clients. Other times it could be that they just don’t consider […]
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11 Magic Words: Financial Advisors and Reciprocal Referrals

Financial advisors asking for referrals, now that’s an interesting topic! I was presenting at a conference for financial advisors a few weeks ago. My favorite topic is “Prospecting” so for this group I created a PowerPoint presentation, “29 Surefire Ways to Prospect for New Clients” that includes a section specifically […]
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Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas – Create a Referral Campaign

Financial Advisors can create a Referral Campaign! “Do you get many new clients from referrals?” I asked my new financial advisor client. There was a pause. He cleared his throat and said “Not as many as I would expect.” “How often do you ask for referrals?” I asked cautiously. Another […]
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Referral Marketing Ideas – How to Train Clients to Refer Business to You

Fascinating tidbit: Sixty-five percent of high earning wealth managers earning over $800,000 annually ask their clients for referrals on a regular basis. Growing a financial advisor practice through referrals is not easy to do. Everyone talks about it, but very few advisors actually do it! Why is that? Because advisors […]
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