Coaching Tip of the Week – Create a Daily Success Schedule

Manage your timeAre you using your time effectively?

Using your time efficiently means creating a Daily Success Schedule to map out how you will spend your time working ON your practice. Rather than coming to the office and REACTING to the problems of the day, plan out how you will RESPOND to your daily schedule.

How to do this: Create meaning to your week. You should have Priority Days, Go Days, and Easy Days. When planning activities out of the office (your Go Days), make the day more productive by scheduling similar activities at the same time to maximize your time away from the office. For example, have a day or two when you are meeting with prospects or clients most of the day out of the office.

For your days in the office, try to limit interruptions by checking email only twice throughout the day and placing boundaries on how you spend your time. We cannot SAVE time, we can only MANAGE how we use it.

A Daily Success Schedule will help you do this!

In my work coaching financial firm executives, I have noticed that they let emergencies interrupt their day. The first step in getting more done and working smarter not harder is to take control of your day. Preparation can help you take control.

How about YOU? How do YOU manage your time?

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