Financial Advisor Brand Benefit #1- Higher Quality Clients

higher quality clientsHas your branding remained in the 20th century, while your firm has moved ahead with gaining new business and new clients? Do you have a desire to attract higher quality clients to your financial advisory firm?

Is it about time you re-branded?

As a Branding Coach for Financial Advisors since 2004, I see many brands and websites that are stuck in the last decade with outdated color schemes, old design elements, and stock messages.

Your brand test

1.Take out your business card right now! What does it look like? Would you be proud to hand your card to a new prospective financial planning client? Could you attract quality clients with this business card?

2.Go to your website right now. What is the copyright date on your website? Is your website visually appealing, attractive, and designed for quality clients? Could it be that you need a brand update?

3.Take out your firm brochure. Is it a tri-fold brochure design from the last decade that uses stock imagery? Or is it simply old with outdated information?

Change your branding with the times

Designs change, popular colors change, and design layout changes. Changing with the times is important if you want to stay current with your brand and convey that you are up to date in your handling of client needs, desires, and investments.

Quality branding attracts better quality clients

Using the concepts of quality design, you can appeal to the desires and needs of more sophisticated clients, who routinely make decisions subconsciously.

Consumers buy based on EMOTION

A good brand captures emotion and uses it to influence buying behavior. Clients are willing to pay more for services that are presented through quality branding. NEVER FORGET THIS!

Imagination inspires!

My job when working with clients on their branding is to gently guide them into making intelligent design decisions. Sometimes this means getting more creative. Sometimes this means pushing the envelope.

It can mean pointing out that quality clients with the assets to invest have generally traveled consistently to other countries, have tried fine wines, own iPads, iphones, and MacBook Pros, and drive sleek, sturdy cars. What do all these things have in common?


Good design attracts quality clients. There’s no doubt about it.

As left-brain thinkers, advisors have a tendency to stick with design concepts that are conventional rather than creative. So when my clients’ design selections border on plain, I remind clients that they hired me for a reason: EXPERIENCE. Nothing can take the place of knowledge gained through practice.

I often mind myself saying “I only want the best for you so it follows that the more creative design option is definitely the way to go for your firm.”

Or, “In my professional opinion, it makes senses to go with the more creative option if you want to attract better quality clients who appreciate what you do for them and who are willing to pay your fees.”


So if you are at a place where you’re questioning whether you need to update your brand, read through the brand test above, and then CONTACT ME for a consultation. The best time to get started, is NOW!

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