Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas: Create a Client Call List

Don’t go looking for new clients! I don’t want you to try. Forget prospecting. Forget marketing. Don’t do it.


Because there’s a high probability that you’re ignoring the clients you already have.

According to a 2004 study of affluent investors, the main reason clients leave their financial advisors is because they don’t get the personal attention they’re looking for. Clients left advisors due to lack of service (87%) rather than investment performance (13%).

What does this REALLY mean?

If you make your existing clients the cornerstone of your marketing strategy, you really can’t lose. In some circles this is called Relationship Marketing because it’s based on the concept that if you focus on your current customers and view them in terms of the lifetime value of the relationship, you won’t need to expend excessive amounts of money and time targeting prospects you don’t know.

If you satisfy the needs of current clients and maintain regular contact with them, just think of the conversations you could have…

Call your clients today!The way to do this is to create a client call list. Center your attention on your platinum and gold clients and develop a call schedule. Every week, devote several hours to calling clients. To make the process more natural you can have a list of questions you ask clients about how their week is going, if they have any financial concerns, or even what their upcoming plans are for a holiday.

What are the benefits of focusing on your current clients?

  1. Regular contact fosters happier clients
  2. Opportunities open up for additional services clients may need
  3. Conversations can naturally progress to referral opportunities
  4. Clients may open up more over time fostering deeper loyalty
  5. Perceived value of your services will increase
  6. Improvement in trust and comfort

Are there disadvantages? Very few!

While taking time to call clients is time consuming, the pay off far outweighs the cost. So take the first step today by creating your list, prioritizing time on your calendar, and picking up the phone.

How about YOU? Do you call your clients? Are you planning to?

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