5 Client Appreciation Events That Create Engagement

  • Client appreciation events build engagement and trust and should be a part of every financial advisor’s business plan.
  • How do you make your clients so happy that they rave to their friends and relatives about the service you provide?
  • How do you focus on your existing clients rather than beating the bushes for new clients?
  • How can you create raving fans so that you grow by referral?

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The answer is to host a client appreciation event!

You’ve worked long and hard to acquire your existing clients. They’ve stuck by you through thick and thin and they are your best advocates. But what have you done to show them you care? A birthday and holiday card each year just doesn’t convey the warm, fuzzy feeling that an event can provide.

Mingling with your clients at an event you host provides many opportunities such as increasing engagement, building rapport away from the office, and providing a way for you to meet your clients’ friends and family. For this reason, I ask my clients to add events to their Business Plan each and every year.

In the work I do with my clients, I encourage the development of an annual events calendar. Events build trust and credibility with your clients, the ones who have helped you build your practice. What I want for you is a practice composed of only ideal clients – clients who receive first class service, who look forward to your calls, and who willingly and enthusiastically refer you new clients.

Is this your first time holding a client appreciation event?

If this is your first appreciation event, my recommendation is to keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with either cost or details as you will learn from your first event and apply that knowledge to future events.

Next: After you hold your first event, take your “lessons learned” and plan out events for the next calendar year using your annual sales and marketing calendar.

What type of event could you hold that would thank your clients and attract their friends? What kind of event would foster conversation, deepen relationships, and encourage referrals?


Here are five ideas for engaging client appreciation events:

Client Appreciation Event Idea 1: Wine tasting

create excitement with wine

There are two types of wine tastings – a formal event where you take part in an actual wine evaluation. These can be loads of fun and a great way to share your love of wine with your clients because you’ll be comparing tasting notes. The group size for this type of event should be kept smaller to allow for greater engagement between attendees.

The second type of wine tasting event is very informal. It’s more like a cocktail party where several types of wine are served with appetizers that are finger food nibbles. People mingle with each other or sit casually at tables Since you can invite more people to this type of event, having a 20-minute speaker may work well.


Client Appreciation Event Idea 2: Golf event

Golf event

There’s something about getting out on the green and shooting little white balls with your buddies that makes this client appreciation event very engaging and entertaining. This type of event is best with 4-10 of your best clients and their friends, 18 holes of golf, and dinner at the clubhouse. Variations could be hiring a golf pro to give lessons before getting out on the course or holding a contest of some sort.


Client Appreciation Event Idea 3: Client coffee

coffee club

Ask your clients to bring their biggest money questions and provide coffee and pastries either at your office or at an indie coffee shop. There are several nice aspects to client coffees – they’re informal, inexpensive, and fun. Because the environment is relaxed, attendees don’t feel pressured or awkward and are more likely to open up to you with their money questions.


Client Appreciation Event Idea 4: Martini and money happy hour event

martini client appreciation event

What I like about happy hour events is that attendees find them fun and alcoholic beverages have a way of loosening tongues to a degree that allows engagement. Martini and money involves a two-hour event where you serve two drinks and answer money related questions. I had a client who held such an event on a regular basis at an upscale hotel lobby bar which was the perfect ambiance. She made a name for herself with this event and soon it was one of her main prospecting strategies.


Client Appreciation Event Idea 5: Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Giveaway

pumpkin pie

This is less an event and more of a real “thank you” to your clients. You can purchase pre-made pumpkin pies and then send out “Happy Thanksgiving cards” that include an insert inviting clients to pick up their pies on a specific date. Just imagine all the goodwill you will create with this kind gesture! And the best part is that very few advisors send out Thanksgiving cards so yours will stand out from the crowd.


There you have it. Five great ideas for events that you can use in your marketing plan for the upcoming year. As you can see, client events needn’t break the bank. You can host events for as little as a few hundred dollars all the way up to thousands. The point is to get started.

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