Financial advisor marketing strategy: How to use Canva to promote your practice on social media

Financial advisors – use Canva to promote your practice on social media: As a financial advisor, one way you can connect to current and potential clients is through social media.

Social media can be a great tool for financial advisors because you can reach a large number of current and potential clients at a relatively low cost. You can engage, provide information, generate leads, improve your search engine optimization, and make connections.

In the work that I do with financial advisors, I have put together some great social media marketing information that can be used to get started or to improve what you are already doing. Through business coaching you can take your social media marketing to the next level.  If you are a leader at your organization, leadership coaching can help you to use social media effectively. Contact me to find out more.

As you engage on social media, one great tool to consider using is Canva.

What is Canva?

Take a look at my Facebook and Twitter pages (follow and like while you’re there!). Many of the images you see with my posts were made using Canva.  Also, the image with this blog post was made using Canva.

Canva is a digital service that allows you to create stunning images and graphical designs. You can create a number of things such as letterheads, invitation cards, brochures, email headers, and more. One great thing you can do with Canva is make images for social media posts.

Canva has different pricing levels starting with a free plan. They also have paid plans that offer additional features for more users.

Benefits to financial advisors for having images in social media posts

Including images in your social media posts can have a number of benefits for financial advisors.

First, you can engage with clients visually in a way that surpasses text only. Visitors to your social media sites are more likely to see your posts if there is something visual there besides text. They are also more likely to connect with the message if there is something visual.

Second, posts become more memorable if you have an image with them. Clients can associate the image with the post and remember what you were telling them.

Third, images make sharing your posts easier. Clients and potential clients can include the images you create when they share your posts and this can help drive people to your website or bio site.

Fourth, images, especially through the use of infographics, provide another opportunity to convey information. You can tell clients and potential clients something in addition to your text or you can reinforce the information your text conveys.

Why should financial advisors use Canva for social media posts?

Using Canva has a number of benefits for financial advisors when creating images for social media.

First, as mentioned, they have a free option. You can try out the service and see what you think before paying any money. After that, if you decide to upgrade, the current prices they have are reasonable.

Second, Canva is easy to use. They provide templates and images you can use to create images. You can easily add elements to an image and you can adjust fonts, colors, and more. With a few clicks you can make something with a professional appearance.

Third, Canva makes it easy to have one image that you can modify to use in a number of posts. It is easy to copy images and they are easy to update. This is a good feature for when you have a monthly theme of social media posts.

Fourth, you can use the Canva images across platforms. Once you create an image, you can use it how you like across different platforms.

How financial advisors can use Canva to promote their practice on social media

Infographics for financial advisors

Infographics are images that convey information. This information could be something simple, like information about an event, or it could be something like a graph or a flow chart that explains a concept.

Infographics are easy to make with Canva and there are number of ways a financial advisor can use them to promote their practice.

For example, you could use infographics to inform clients and potential clients about events you are having. These could be things like client appreciation events or seminars.

You can also use infographics to describe services you provide. For example, you could use an infographic to talk about different retirement planning services.

Infographics are also great for conveying information. For example, you might use infographics to teach about financial terms. This can be a good thing to do, because by educating clients and potential clients, you can better serve them.

You could also use infographics to talk about milestones or big occurrences at your firm. This can be a good way to let clients know about big positive things that have happened.

Financial advisor social media monthly campaigns with themes

One great thing about Canva that I mentioned above is the idea that you can create a standard image and update it for different posts. This can be a great feature because it can help you create monthly campaigns with themes.

When you post on social media, posts can be more effective if they are cohesive. If you inform clients about the same things in the same ways, they are more likely to understand and retain the information. A monthly theme with a standard set of images can be a great way to accomplish this.

With Canva, you can create a standard image with a background, visual elements, colors, and fonts you like, and you can update the text of this image for each of the posts for a theme.

When you develop monthly campaigns you can go with a number of ideas.

Create monthly themes

Here’s a sample social media topic calendar:

January        Social Security – Optimizing Benefits

February     Maximizing Income Resources

March           Protecting Loved Ones – Life Insurance – Income Protection

April              Financial Literacy Month

May               Retirement Planning

June               Long Term Care

July                Protecting Your Business

August          Back To School: Education Planning

September   Minimizing Health Risks

October         When Illness Strikes

November    Tax Planning

December    RMDs

You can of course choose other topics, and as you develop your themes you can think about what designs work well for them. With Canva, you can find templates that can fit what you want to convey with your theme.

Across social media platforms you use as a financial advisor

One way to utilize the benefits of Canva is to use it across platforms. Let’s say you have a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram account. By using your Canva images across platforms you can develop a cohesive message. This can make it easier to create posts and you can reach different audiences with the same message.

Use Canva to publish about holidays

Because Canva has built in templates, it can be a great resource to use when you want to celebrate holidays. They have templates for big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, as well as templates for lesser known holidays.

When you celebrate holidays on your social media posts it can remind clients that you are more than just a financial advisor. It can show a more personal side, without being too personal.

Generating financial advisor social media post ideas

Sometimes it can hard to come up with social media posts. With all the platforms and the regularity of posting, sometimes thinking of something new isn’t easy. Canva can help with this.

Because you can start with a template, Canva can help you create a base for your idea. It can make it easier to come up with something when the design is taken care of. Also, the templates and images can help you to generate ideas, for example to promote an event or celebrate a milestone.

How financial advisors can improve their use of Canva for social media

Design principles for financial advisors

When you start using Canva its important to keep in mind some design principles for images. These can help your images to be more effective in communicating with current and potential clients.

First, it’s important that the colors you use go together. Canva has a color wheel that you can use to find colors that create different effects together.

Second, designs shouldn’t be too busy. Too many elements can overwhelm the viewer and they may not get the message you are trying to convey.

Third, limit how much text you use. The images should focus on the image with the text as a highlight. You can put more text into the text of the post and you can link to more information.

Fourth, in relation to text, the font, font size, and font color should be easy to read with the rest of the image.

Fifth, check how the images look on different devices. See how they look on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone. Some images might not look good on all devices and by checking you can find this out before you post.

Scheduling services financial advisors can use

If you use a monthly theme, a scheduling service can be a great tool. A scheduling service such as Later or Buffer lets you schedule social media posts for different platforms in one place. You can create the posts there, and they will automatically post to your accounts. With a monthly theme, and using standard images with Canva that you modify, you can quickly post a month’s worth of posts on different platforms with these services.

Create a financial advisor social media marketing plan

When posting to social media, a marketing plan can be a great asset. It can help you to develop a cohesive message, convey the information you want to convey, convey that information at the right time, and take advantage of things that happen.

I’ve put together some information that you can use to start to create your social media marketing plan. Here’s a post that can help you get the most out of your social media.

If you want help creating your plan, look into business coaching. A coach can help you to develop a plan, stick to it, and work it in to your overall business goals.

Hire a marketing assistant

Once you get started with using Canva you might decide to hire a marketing assistant to help you with the process. You can develop the overall ideas, and maybe the standard image to use for a monthly theme, and your marketing assistant can go through the tasks of creating and scheduling the posts. This can free you up to do other important work.


Canva can be a great tool for financial advisors to use to promote their practices with social media. With Canva you can create professional images that can get your clients’ attention and convey the information you want to convey. With Canva you can easily develop cohesive images to use for different themes and across platforms. It’s a great tool for financial advisors to consider.

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