Financial Advisor Newsletter Success – 7 Ways to Improve your Newsletter

7 ways to improve your financial advisor newsletter

Keeping in contact with your clients, prospective clients, and centers of influence through the use of a financial advisor newsletter is an important part of your communication plan and provides many benefits to your practice.

Keeping in touch, providing a gentle reminder that you’re there whenever they need you, and offering valuable financial tips are all great benefits, but how should you go about offering a newsletter?

In this article, I’m going to answer typical questions I receive about email newsletters and how to maximize the marketing results while using best practices.

When I work with advisors on business development, they often have many questions about newsletters such as:

  • Are newsletters as important now as they were in the past?
  • How often should I send my newsletter?
  • Should I use a canned service that provides FINRA approved newsletters or should I write them myself?
  • What metrics should I track?
  • How do I make my newsletters mobile friendly?
  • Why is brand continuity important for my newsletter?
  • How can I improve my newsletter?


Are newsletters as important now as they were in the past?

Yes, newsletters are still a necessary component of your marketing plan. I’ve always said that you need to send a marketing “touch” to your contacts at least once monthly, so a newsletter would count in this regard. Even if few people are reading your newsletter, receiving it regularly will “jog their memory” that you are still available to serve them.


How often should I send my newsletter?

It’s more important to stick to a regular schedule than it is to send your newsletter too often. While in the past, it may have been the norm to send a weekly newsletter, these days monthly or quarterly is acceptable. Find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it. If you don’t like handling the newsletter, delegate this responsibility to a marketing person either on staff, or find an independent marketing consultant or intern that is familiar with the financial services industry.


Should I use a canned service that provides FINRA approved newsletters or should I write them myself?

Well that depends. How much time do you want to invest in your newsletter and how important is it to your brand? If you are a financial advisor blogger, you may want to consider writing your own newsletter because you have a built in supply of custom content that only needs to be repurposed. If you don’t blog, or you don’t want to invest time in writing your newsletter content, then definitely consider a pre-approved option.


What metrics should I track?

It’s important to know who is reading your newsletter so look for your open rate. Anything around 20-30% is the norm. If you’re getting less than 10%, it’s time to look into why. Also look at your click through rate. How many readers are clicking through to your website? If this rate is low, consider revamping your email-marketing plan.


How do I make my newsletters mobile friendly?

Any of the larger newsletter service providers should have mobile friendly options available for your newsletter. Even better, look for responsive templates as they adjust to the size of the viewing window for laptops, readers, and smart phones.


Why is brand continuity important for my newsletter?

The subconscious mind keeps track of your branding, whether you know it or not. This means that if your website colors and style differ from your newsletter colors and style, people will notice, consciously or not. It detracts from your credibility if you don’t maintain a consistent brand throughout all your marketing channels. So consider hiring a designer to create a custom newsletter template to avoid weakening your brand. Read The Psychology of Color and Your Brand for more information.


How can I improve my newsletter?

In my work with advisors, very few have leveraged the benefits of sending an email newsletter. Here are 7 things to remember when improving your newsletter’s success:


1. Provide value in your newsletter

Think of your newsletter as a way to build friendships and relationships. It’s your trusted friend that your reader has let into their home and their email inbox. For example, you could offer interesting statistics on financial matters, a Q&A section, helpful resource listings, or an perceptive opinion on current events.

2. Keep your newsletter brief, but aim for a click

Use your newsletter to drive traffic to a specific page on your website. Is there content you’d like readers to see?

3. Create a clear, strong and specific call-to-action

Motivate your readers to “Learn More,” “Read More,” “Watch the Video” for more juicy details.

4. Be consistent

69% of users said that they look forward to receiving at least one newsletter, and most users said a newsletter had become part of their routine.

5. Subject line

When coming up with your newsletter subject line, avoid common topics like: August Newsletter, This Week’s Newsletter, or Your Monthly Newsletter. Brand your newsletter with an interesting name that coincides with your value proposition or elevator speech.

6. Social sharing

Social media is important and many newsletter services will offer the ability to include social sharing/follow buttons to the newsletter template so that you can share your social media accounts links.

7. Make it more engaging

Personalize it – include your headshot or a photo of your smiling team. Use every opportunity to connect with your readers through images.


Email newsletters for financial advisors are not dead! With a little creativity and brand continuity, your firm can deliver value and engage with clients, prospects, and centers of influence.

I can help!

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