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Financial Advisor and Wealth Management Taglines


Financial Advisor Taglines: If you’ve been following me,  you know that I am a big believer in using effective taglines to BRAND YOUR FIRM and communicate with prospects and clients, both consciously and subconsciously, regarding your brand benefit. It’s been awhile since I’ve written about taglines so I’ve put together this article specifically for financial advisors, finance career folks, and wealth management firms discussing taglines and their use, frequently asked questions, tagline examples, and lastly some tips. Enjoy!

Are you missing a tagline?

My biggest tip: Your tagline, whether it’s three words or a sentence should imply a BENEFIT to the end user of your services.

  • Telling your target client that you are “experienced” does NOT imply a benefit.
  • Telling readers that you blog about issue X or Y is NOT a benefit.
  • Telling prospective clients that you are “Dedicated to success” does NOT suggest a benefit.

An easy test to determine whether you have a good tagline or slogan is to speak it aloud and then say to yourself “Would I want that if I were the firm’s target client?” If the answer is “Yes” then you could be on the right track. Your tagline doesn’t need to be clever but it does need to be catchy!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding taglines:

What is a tagline?

what is a financial advisor tagline? it's the benefits clients receive
A tagline is part of your Value Proposition and is an effective way to tell potential clients the benefit they receive by working with you. Taglines are a great way for financial firms to position their practice uniquely in the marketplace. Using a tagline can impart a sense or feeling that a business name lacks and can “finish off” your brand.

When I work with financial firm leaders or financial teams on their branding strategy, I always ask if they have a tagline or if they are happy with their slogan. More often than I can count, the firm does not have a tagline. Or if they do it is merely a description of their services.

I like to say that using a slogan is one more opportunity to position your firm and set it apart from the competition. So when you are going through your annual planning process, ask yourself “Is our brand and tagline still representative of what we are doing?”

When is a good time to change your tagline?

I’ve changed my tagline several times over the years and your firm may do the same. When you are rebranding your firm, or updating your website, it’s almost a requirement to change your slogan to something more appropriate to your new brand or target market.

What is the biggest mistake when developing a tagline?

I believe that a tagline that only talks about you or your firm is a missed opportunity. Just think about what a prospective client may be going through in their journey to find a financial planner. They may have fear about their finances. They may have no idea what it means to work with an advisor. If you can convey the end benefits of working with you, both advisor and client can win.

A firm-centered approach

This approach generally focuses on why you are the best company (through experience, etc), states that you put your clients first, or that you provide great service. All these aspects do nothing for the client but tell them about YOU.

A client-centered approach

This approach focuses on what the client gets out of the relationship. Does the client want less risk, more freedom, or clarity that they are working towards their financial goals? When the prospective client reads the tagline would they say “I want that”?

7 awesome examples of financial advisor taglines

7 awesome examples of financial advisor taglines

1. Inspirational: Growing Your Retirement Dreams

2. Alludes to a life benefit: Balanced Money * Balanced Life

3. Mentions the target market: Investing in Womens’ Dreams

4. Aligns with end result: Dream * Plan * Enjoy

5. Future-focused: Building a better financial life

6. Right-brained: Create the Life You Love in Retirement

7. Works for financial planning: Financial Dreams Delivered

Financial advisor tagline tips:

  • Always perform your due diligence by checking the trademark and service mark websites in your country to determine if your tagline is available to avoid legal issues in the future.

Trademark search on the federal government web site:

Learn what it means to trademark and then register your tagline. Just because you don’t see your tagline in the database, it does not mean it’s not taken. You MUST register your slogan.

A. Find “search our trademark database”
B. Click on “Basic word mark search”
C. Enter the name
D. Click submit query
E. Register your name to ensure you will not have legal problems in the future
  • Align your tagline with your sales and prospecting strategy so that the message applies to what you want to accomplish.
  • Try to keep your tagline as short as possible (no more than 6-8 words). Shorter is better. Try to eliminate any unnecessary words. If you can get it to 4 words that’s even better.
  • Who is your client? Entrepreneurs, wealthy families, affluent singles, divorced women, LGBT, self employed professionals, business professionals, engineers, doctors, dentists.
  • What message are they looking for that you can provide? Align your message with your prospective clients’ needs.
  • What are your unique strengths that you’d like to get across in your tagline?
  • Put your tagline on the front of your business cards to “finish” off your brand. Anywhere your name appears so should your tagline. Add to your website, your brochure, your voicemail, and on all your marketing materials.
  • Download my Taglines That Sizzle free E-Book with a step by step process to help you write your tagline.

Focus on emotional benefits

Think very clearly about the BENEFITS of financial planning and wealth management that you want to convey: trust, wisdom, safety, wealth creation, financial freedom, solutions, sophistication, asset protection, etc.

Click here to read more about type of BENEFITS clients receive when working with an advisor.

Ultimately, you want your tagline to communicate your values and mission. You want your slogan to provide a feeling or sense that your name can’t explain. Don’t just pick a tagline because it sounds good. Create your tagline using the suggestions here and from the authentic experience your clients go through when they work with you. That way your brand will be yours uniquely allowing you to prospect for perfect clients.

My last words on taglines: This is your opportunity to show your firm’s personality. Get creative!

Is it time for you to create a new tagline? Contact me for a consultation to re-invent your brand!

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