How to Find the Motivation to Change Your Life

When you want to change your life, what goes through your mind? What is the journey you take once you’ve identified that you’re not happy where you are?

Or perhaps you’re quite happy, but you know there’s a better option for you in terms of professional development and income, but you just don’t know how you’re going to get there.

Do you have an “aha” moment where you realize “Oh bleep, I’m stuck here.” Or do you simply wake up one day and say “Hey, I’m going to make a better life for myself starting today”?

The motivation for change can come from many places. You could want more success in your life for YOU so that you have more income or more freedom. Or you could want more so that you can take care of your family and give them a better life. Maybe you’ve decided you want to prove someone wrong about something derogatory they may have said about you, perhaps related to you never becoming successful.

Wherever your motivation comes from, the only person who can do anything about it is you.

The finance industry is a fascinating field with many career possibilities. There are many roles within the industry, each with their own positive and negative attributes. Let’s investigate the motivation for change and what it means to have motivation, finding it, maintaining it, and ways that you can move forward.

Do you have the motivation to change?

Each person is different and the road you travel will have different scenery depending upon what stage of change you’re in. You could be thinking about change. You could be planning change. Or you could be in the “doing” phase of moving ahead.

Motivation for staying in shape

I’ve been working out my entire life. While an hour workout three times a week worked well for me when I was in my 30’s, in this current phase of my life I find that it takes two hours three times per week to achieve similar results.

To stay in good physical shape, I had to make a decision: did I really want to double the time spent working out? Did I really want results? Or was I fine with gaining weight and not feeling my best. I had to say “Yes, I will change because I want to feel good.” I reasoned that the older I get, the more important it is tomotivation to succeed eat right and stay in shape. I had to make a commitment to MYSELF to allocate the right amount of time to staying healthy and feeling good.

What decision are you facing that you have been avoiding?

Motivation for growing your career or business

You reach a point where what you’re getting out of your career is as much as you’re ever going to get. Keep going on this path and it’s certain that you’ll keep getting the same results because it’s become routine. There’s a ceiling on how much you can earn. There’s a limit to the excitement you’re likely to create because you’ve done it all before. In order to grow, you have to reach for more.

Determining factors

  • What kind of attitude do you have about life? Is it positive? Or do you seem to find ways to blame others for your misfortune?
  • How serious are you about attaining the goal? How much effort are you willing to devote to your goal?
  • When you have suffered a set back in the past, did you give up? Or did you get right back on the horse and go for it?

How do you find motivation?

Everyone finds motivation in a different manner. Some are naturally motivated while others have to be prodded into action.

I believe you have to decide if you really want what you’re after. Decide if you’re ready to do the work. Decide whether you’ll be happy in one year if you do nothing now. You have to determine whether you’ve got the strength and the desire to stick it out.

Some people say, “There’s so much I need to do that it’s overwhelming. I feel that I can put it off for now.” So I ask you: What are your beliefs around “waiting until everything is perfect” to get started? The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get started because there’s no better time than NOW.

How do you maintain motivation when it seems hopeless?

A young woman in investment banking contacted me some time ago seeking coaching to get out of her company because her manager was a bully. She’d reached her breaking point and could no longer tolerate his tirades, however she was not yet determined to get out. Unfortunately she couldn’t leave the company right away, and she wanted to know how she could maintain motivation. I asked her to dig down deep and find her determination. Without determination, there’s not much hope. After you become determined, the next thing to do is create a plan to get out.

A newer financial advisor contacted me because it was taking longer to break into the industry and get new clients. He’d been prospecting for sometime and it was beginning to feel hopeless. I asked him “What’s your WHY? What’s motivating you to be successful in this industry?” Until you can dig deep and pull out the why, you’ll just be going through the motions.

What is your WHY? Why are you doing what you’re doing?

  • Here are some possibilities:
  • Earn an above-average income
  • Become a top producer in income and accomplishment
  • Be an influence and add value to everyone you encounter
  • Be a role model in your community
  • Become a leader in your field
  • Be a good spouse and family person and provide a good income

Once you figure out your WHY, start on the path to changing your situation by:

  • Create the space to allow your dream to develop
  • Follow daily goals that contribute to the big picture
  • Work on your mindset using positive energy
  • Develop positive affirmations
  • Create beneficial morning rituals

If you work with me, here are some motivation coaching questions I may ask you:

  • What do you really want?
  • What has happened already that I should know about?
  • What is the bigger thing you want to happen?
  • What’s important to you about this?
  • How will you make the right decision?
  • What do you know about yourself that would make it easy to make this decision?
  • What do you know about yourself that might get in the way of making this decision?
  • What causes you to lose motivation?

Do it!

The decision to change your life is not made easily. It can be a barrier to know that there’s considerable work ahead of you before you reach your goal. Experiencing the benefits of a better life is the grand reward that awaits those who expend the effort!

“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got.” ~Anonymous

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