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financial advisor seminar evaluation form

When you’re giving a talk, workshop, or seminar, you want to get results. Am I correct? I mean, you want to deliver value, make people happy, and educate, but you want results as well. You’re not giving a talk just out of the kindness of your heart.

So what is the best way to get results? First, it’s thought and effort that goes into your Marketing Plan to get the word out. Then, it’s not just in the way that you speak to participants. While that’s important and I’ve written an entire blog about that, other factors contribute. It’s not just what you speak about. And it’s definitely not only the invitation for participants to attend.

All these factors contribute to you having a successful event. But it is the evaluation or response form that will help you get the most out of your event.


The following information is about what kind of evaluation form you should create depending upon what kind of talk you’re giving and how you want it to play out.

Benefits of an Evaluation Form

  • Create better seminars by getting feedback from participants
  • Learn the true value of what you’re providing and gain confidence in your capabilities
  • Grow your prospecting list by asking participants to opt-in to your newsletter
  • Get more prospects into a first meeting with you

Here’s where to start:
Create a one to two page “leave behind” that includes a tear off bottom Response Form. You get the bottom portion and they keep the top part.

Evaluation Form Must Do’s

Upper portion of Evaluation Form

If your talk does not include a workbook, then an Evaluation Form that includes an upper portion or first page is a must.

Contact information

Include your contact info, Company Name, your name, tagline, website, phone #, email address etc. There’s no need to include a physical address since these days a website is the brand location where prospects do their secret shopping to check out your message and your image.

Get them writing

If you have structured your workshop properly, and you’re providing value in your talks, you’ll verbally encourage participants to take notes, fill-in-the-blanks, or write down key information. If they are taking down key information, they will take your contact information with them because it’s included in the upper portion of the form.

You can also create engagement with a Quiz/Ice Breaker at the beginning of your presentation.

Top money mistakes / retirement blunders
Ask “where they see themselves in 10 years” and provide a place for their notes
Ask “what does their ideal retirement look like?” and provide a place for their notes
(the goal is to get them writing so they will take the upper portion with them)]

Lower portion of Evaluation Form

Provide a tear off for participants so they can self select using check boxes. Depending upon your seminar goals, design your evaluation form with some or all of the following information.

Contact information

Ask for their contact information – name, email, and phone number. The less you ask for the more likely they will complete the information.

Evaluation section

Ask for feedback on the content and presentation style. One of the keys to becoming a better speaker is to learn what you are not doing well. With feedback you can address speaking style, content, and

Future seminar topics

Ask about future seminar topics they might be interested in. This gives you the opportunity to provide what people want rather than guessing about what’s valuable in the current marketplace.

Your offer

This is the #1 SUCCESS TIP for an effective, prospecting-yielding talk!

Getting results from your talk means providing an enticing offer that will motivate and move seminar participants to move one step closer into your prospecting funnel to get into a first meeting with you.

What is an offer? It is something so valuable that the participant would have to be crazy not to take you up on it. It is a complimentary deliverable that provides value and information.

Here are some ideas for your OFFER

1. E-book or printed book with value to the target client – A free report designed to help your target client solve a specific problem that they have not been able to solve on their own.
2. A custom financial report such as: mini Financial Plan, personalized Retirement Income Plan; Tax Return Review, or Social Security Timing Report.

Other seminar marketing success tactics:

Value – Place a value on each item you are giving them: Valued at $2500.00

Excitement – Create visual excitement by using design and branding. Anticipation fuels the excitement.

Contains a Call to Action (CTA) – Tells the prospect what to do next to claim the offer. Call now! Email now! Book a consultation now!

Expiration date – Move them to take action with a deadline. Compel them to move ahead NOW.


There you have it. Some great ideas for an Evaluation Form that will encourage participants to get into your prospecting funnel. The more people who take you up on your offer the more likely you will land new clients from your talk. So put thought and effort into what makes the most sense for you!

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