Happy Holidays 2019!

We’ve reached the end of 2019 and oh what a year it’s been! I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I have had a doozie of a great year! And I hope you have as well.

Celebrating 15 years in business!

It was my 15 year business anniversary this year and I celebrated with my husband in grand style at a beautiful resort. We had a casita with a gorgeous ocean view and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves lounging at the spa. I believe in celebrating your successes because it connects the pleasure neural pathways in the brain to the success you are experiencing.

My business

People always ask me “What is your secret to business success?” And I say “You must have 4 things to be successful:

1. Vision: Successful people have a vision for their business, profession, and life in five to ten years.
2. Planning: A plan for how to get where you want to go.
3. Attitude: A positive attitude and motivation to guide you in your journey.
4. Accountability: You will need to hold yourself accountable for working your plan and getting out of your comfort zone.”


My number one focus in life is on gratitude! When you are grateful for what you have in your life, and you find ways to express this gratitude, it can do wonderful things for your peace of mind and your likelihood of success. Many people say “If I were financially successful, I would be happy.” But happiness comes from within. Being happy means being grateful.

So this holiday season, be grateful for the people in your life! And express your gratitude.

Here’s to a wonderful 2020!

Suzanne Muusers
Financial Advisor Coach – 15 years


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