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How financial advisors can book appointments at seminars

As a financial advisor, have you ever held a seminar or workshop that did NOT provide a return on investment? Have you ever booked a seminar space, presented your seminar, ended your seminar, but got not even one lead?

Unfortunately many financial advisors are not in tune with how to maximize the results from their seminar. Either they don’t do enough Marketing, or they don’t put in enough effort in the planning stages. In my work as a Financial Advisor Coach, I often guide clients with their Elevator Speech, Value Proposition, and Branding Plan. Once you have these deliverables in place, it’s time to PROMOTE your business. One way to promote your firm is to hold Seminars.

What is the goal of putting on a seminar?

Get people into the seats and then get them into your office! After that the goal is to sign them up as clients, if they are a good fit for you. This is what I call the Sales Process! Others will say seminars educate your potential clients and give them something of value that they can walk away with. I agree. Any financial advisor seminar that does not provide attendee value, will not provide a return on investment!

Here are 7 tactics that will help you book appointments at your seminar and make it a worthwhile event.

Book Appointments Tactic 1: Have a strong call to action

When I work with clients I dissect what it is they are doing during their seminars. I’ve even had clients video record their workshops so that I could pin point what they are doing and not doing. Often at the end of the seminar, the advisor just sort of slinks away. What I mean is they might say “Well, thanks for coming. If you need anything let me know.”

In order to get results, the first rule is:

Tell them you are booking appointments during the event!

You could say “I’m talking today about Retirement Income Planning and the pitfalls to avoid. During the seminar, my assistant will be making appointments for those who feel compelled to learn whether they are on the right track.”

Book Appointments Tactic 2: Use a Seminar Evaluation Form

When a seminar is over, its tempting to get the heck out of dodge and go home to relax with a bottle of wine. But that is not what I want for my clients! It’s important to get feedback from seminar attendees about what you did well during the talk and what you could improve. This is where a seminar evaluation form comes in handy. There are tons of forms out there you could use, however, it’s best to create your own to get the right data. Here is a blog post about seminar evaluation forms and best practices.

Book Appointment Tactic 3: Use Appointment Cards

Many people have SmartPhones these days, but you’d be surprised at how important it is to provide your seminar attendees with an appointment card to remind them of their when they need to come in to meet you. With our crazy busy lives things can run amok so the more you can do to give a reminder the greater the follow through process you will have. Your appointment card should have your contact details, address, phone number, and website in case the prospective client has a question or needs to reschedule. Don’t forget that your appointment card branding should resemble your website branding!

Book Appointment Tactic 4: Provide an Offer!

Attendees at your seminar will need to be incentivized to show up for their appointment and there’s no better way than to give them something of value that they cannot pass up. What can you offer? A free mini financial plan? A free second opinion? A class on Budgeting, Asset Protection, or Don’t Outlive Your Money? Here’s an article I wrote about creating an enticing offer.

Book Appointment Tactic 5: Enforce a Deadline!

If you’ve created a great offer, you must also enforce a deadline. Give them a two week window to take advantage of your offer, otherwise it’s not going to be honored. The reason you want to do this is that without a deadline, your offer will be put away to think about another day. When there’s no compelling reason to sign up for a consultation TODAY, there’s less energy and action on the part of your prospective client. Create URGENCY!

Book Appointment Tactic 6: Bring helpers to sign people up!

If it’s just you, you will be overwhelmed with things to do and you’ll be pulled every which way. You need at least one helper, maybe two if the attendance is over 30 – 40. Everyone should know their duties. If you have only one helper, they should be at a table directing participants to sign up for an appointment, handing out materials like appointment cards, brochures, and business cards. If you have more than one helper, station them at the exit to inquire whether people leaving have made an appointment and that they should take advantage of the offer prior to leaving.

Book Appointment Tactic 7: Follow up after the workshop is essential!

After the seminar it’s completely normal to feel tired and overwhelmed. After all, you’ve put in a lot of effort just to get up there and speak, so it’s no wonder that most financial advisors do not implement an effective follow up procedure after the seminar.

This IS SO IMPORTANT! If you do not create the right system to ensure you follow up with all attendees, you are missing a major opportunity.

Follow Up Procedure:

For two weeks AFTER the workshop
FINANCIAL ADVISOR – your calendar should be fairly light to allow for appointments.
For your ASSISTANTS – they must be on the phone confirming upcoming appointments, thanking attendees, calling those who did NOT book an appointment and enforcing the Offer Deadline.

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