How Financial Advisors Can Do Keyword Research

Always do research when writing articlesUsing Inbound Marketing to attract clients to your financial advisory practice can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could potentially waste time writing articles or blog posts that don’t generate any traffic.

To get traffic to your website, article, or blog, think like a potential client. What words are you likely to enter into a search engine? You want the right kind of traffic, not just any traffic.


Here’s an example of how to perform a search:

1. First, have a general idea of what you’d like to write about. In this example we are going to try an article about defining what a financial advisor does for clients.

2. Use the link to Google’s keyword tool webpage below and next to “Word or phrase,” enter “what is a financial advisor”

The Google Adwords keyword tool is the best starting place for your keyword research. This tool predicts the amount of traffic for a given keyword search.

3. Leave “Website” and “Category” blank.

4. Type the security characters in the box and click “search”

When the results appear you’ll notice “competition” is “high,” “global monthly searches” is “673,000,” and “local monthly searches” is “368,000.”

If “competition” is “high” then it will be more difficult to rank for that keyword.

“Global monthly searches” means what it says.

“Local monthly searches” is U.S. traffic if you are in the U.S.

You will need to be on page one of the search results in order to get the highest traffic volume to your article or blog. With 673,000 searches per month for this search term, you would never rank for that volume. The websites on page one of this search are all very big corporate websites.

So you need to drill down.

  • What do you want to say about financial advice or financial planners?

Let’s change your search to “how to hire a financial advisor.” The first thing you’ll notice is that the monthly search volume is only “590.” It’s much easier to write about a topic that ranks for this keyword search.

Now, notice below “how to hire a financial advisor” there are many suggestions for alternate keywords.

If you wanted to write a “how to” article or blog post, you could easily rank for “should I hire a financial advisor” with only 110 searches per month.

As a general rule, I suggest you target keywords that rank for less than 1000 searches per month when you are just starting out blogging/article writing. When your website gains a higher pagerank in a year or two, you can target higher search volume keywords.

Now, let’s do a search for a topic you are interested in. Do you target women? Is this an ideal client for you? If yes, then…

targeting womenType “women and money” into the keyword tool

  • Investigate the suggestions. Does this give you any ideas?
  • Don’t like what you see?
  • Change it to “women and investing

Let’s investigate a specific topic and see which pages end up on page one. Do a search for “where women should invest their money” – notice that the website listed #1 in the results is part of the Harvard Business Review. This tells you that a blog with that headline would have to compete with a website of this stature.

You are not likely to be successful competing with the Harvard Business Review. You’ll have to get more specific if you want to be listed on page one.

Next, try “women, money, and divorce” and you’ll see that there are only 210 global monthly searches for this term. Something else that’s interesting is that “competition” is low so you won’t have a tough time competing for the search term.

What do these keywords mean for your blog/article title? You can use this string of keywords in your title along with other words. Try something like this:

Women, money, and divorce: how to make it through divorce without losing your shirt.

Big Tip: Don’t forget that after you entice visitors to come to your site, you have to call them to some sort of action: Sign up for Our Newsletter; Request a Consultation; Get my free E-Book.

I hope you have found this article helpful in moving you towards using Inbound Marketing in your practice. My further advice to you is this: Don’t get too hung up on the exact keywords you will use. The title and article have to be interesting to be effective. Get creative and continue to try various article topics and see what works. Don’t get stuck in inertia. The best thing to do is to start somewhere. You will learn and get better as time goes by.

Update: See HERE …>>>getting clients through inbound marketing from your website.

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  1. Smith says:

    The Google Keyword’s design is not very user friendly, that’s why it seems scary and complicated to many people!
    It takes more then the willingness to learn to bypass the small icons and general feeling that you are being secretly charged for using it….
    Just kidding… It’s an awesome tool, once proved helpful.

  2. Smith, I agree. The tool is quite complicated. I don’t know of any other “good” tools that are free however. So I guess we are stuck with it. Suzanne