How to Find Balance Between Your Life Today and Your Future Success

Growth and Balance Equals Success

How can you transition from overwork, servicing clients, and getting through the current day, versus creating marketing tactics and good content that will sharpen your expertise and bring in clients in the future? A busy schedule with a focus on NOW rather than your FUTURE goals creates an endless cycle of stagnation. But how do you get ahead?

The forest and the trees

I am working with a client who is transitioning from a business based on commission income to a practice based on fee income. In the past it was easy to get clients from various techniques that focused on the short term. Now that my client is focused on the long term as a wealth manager he finds it challenging to find a level of income that pays the bills and allows him the time and freedom to focus on Inbound Marketing.

What gives?

A level of productivity must be achieved in order for my client to move forward. In coaching my client, we are working together on finding ways to increase his niche knowledge so that he can learn more and write about his favorite target client: widowed women. We are working on ways for him to use technology and his staff to leverage his time so that he can focus on getting ahead and working towards the future.

How to focus

If you are currently in this cycle, you must learn how to tap into your mind, identify what you want, and create an action plan for getting things done. The mind is a fickle foe. It will gladly help you stay in overwhelm unless you take control. Think about where you want to take your practice. What is the end result you are seeking to create? How many hours per week do you need to get there?

In my experience, becoming an expert and developing content that brings new clients takes at least 3-5 hours per week. How can you carve out this time from your busy schedule? How can you leverage your staff to do work you have been doing so that you have more time to devote to your goals?

Success is a balance between what you’re doing now versus what’s possible in the future if you work on your goals.

So why wait. Get started today!

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