Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas: Referral Scripts Galore

Financial Advisor Referral Scripts Galore.

financial advisor referral scripts galore!

Financial advisor referral scripts: Why is asking for referrals so stressful? Why do we get flustered and awkward with our words? Or, why do we NEVER ask for referrals?

Because we don’t know what to say! This is where learning HOW to ask for referrals using Referral Scripts can help us be more prepared and ready to ask when the time is right.

Referral Scripts – still one of the best marketing strategies.

When working with a new financial advisor client, one of the first marketing strategies I discuss is to have them become accustomed to asking for referrals by using Referral Scripts, but doing so in a different manner at each opportunity.

I know it’s difficult at first to broach the subject of referrals because it doesn’t seem natural, but once you find “the right time” to ask, or create opportunities to ask, it becomes more natural. The main point is to find a way to ask for referrals that is GENUINE for you.

Ask for referrals consistently!

Since I like to focus on the affluent market, I find this tidbit fascinating: Did you know that sixty-five percent of high earning wealth managers earning over $800,000 annually ask their clients for referrals from 1-4 times annually? What strategy do you have in place to generate referrals? One winning strategy is to create your own Referral Conversations.

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Here are my financial advisor referral scripts:

  • 1.Getting More Affluent Clients Script
  • 2.Ideal Client Script
  • 3.Confirm the Client is Happy Script
  • 4.Help Me Build my Business Script
  • 5.Second Opinion Referral Script
  • 6.Post Service Call Script
  • 7.Seminar Referral Script
  • 8.Client Appreciation Event Script
  • 9.Follow Up Phone Call Script for Client Appreciation Events
  • 10.Help Me Find Corporate Executives Script
  • 11.Subtle Send Me Referrals Script
  • 12.Don’t keep me a secret Script


1.Getting More Affluent Clients Referral Script.

“I enjoy working with a wide variety of clients but I really do my best work with people like you who have more sophisticated financial needs such as those with inheritances, second marriages with children, pension plans with tricky rules, people in a high tax bracket, and those with estate planning needs. Who do you know in your circle of friends who might be in need of my services?”

2.Ideal Client script.

“I enjoy working with you. You’re an ideal client for me. I’d like to build my practice so that I have more ideal clients like you. Who do you know that fits my ideal client profile? Would you be willing to refer them to me? Would you be willing to make a personal introduction?”

3.Confirm the Client is Happy Script.

“Are you happy with the service you receive from our firm? — I’m so happy that you’re pleased with the work we’ve been doing together on your finances. I’d really appreciate it if you’d pass my name along to anyone else you know who would be interested in _____________ (what you do).”

4.Help Me Build My Business Script.

This one is simple. Focus on your most helpful clients and ask them this:

“If you were me trying to build your business with x, y, and z, what would you do?”

Where x, y, and z are “corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and families” or your three niche markets (when you work with me we focus on developing up to 3 or 4 niche market areas).

5.Second Opinion Referral Script.

“I’m glad we’ve taken this time to review your financial goals. I hope you’ve found it helpful. Recently I have worked with a few new clients who were referred to me by my own clients. These new clients were seeking a second opinion on their financial plan. Would you know anyone who may need a second opinion? “

6.Post Service Call Referral Script.

Mr. Client, I enjoy working with you. You’re really an ideal client. I want to commend you for remaining calm during this most recent market volatility. What have your feelings been over this recent market volatility?

(Client response)

Together we’ve positioned your holdings so that we’re not completely vulnerable to a market downturn.

I’m curious to find out how this conversation has helped today.

(Client response)

I appreciate the feedback. That’s great to hear. Anything else?

(Client response)

Thanks. I hope you know that we’re doing our very best for you.

You know it’s been very interesting. I’m finding that most folks don’t talk about their money with their friends and family when the market is good. However, when the market goes down as we’ve experienced lately and investors are fearful, EVERYBODY seems to be talking about their money. What are your feelings about this?

(Client response)

What are you hearing from your friends & family?

(Client response)

It’s interesting. I’ve been adding new clients lately as a result of some of these conversations. I attribute it to the fact that a lot of financial advisors are not returning client phone calls or simply going out of business. I know there are people out there who could use my help. Who do you know that might benefit from our services?

(Client response)

I’m not sure if he needs our help or even if he is the right fit for us, but there’s only one way to find out. What would be the best way to find out if he’d be interested in a conversation? Would you mind introducing him to me or shooting him an email to see if he’d be open to a cup of coffee or a brief meeting?

Just so you’re comfortable with my approach, our relationship has always been one based on trust and advice. I want you to know that I won’t be selling them anything as I’ve never tried to sell you anything. That’s just not the way I operate. So you can be comfortable in the fact that your referral won’t feel pressured to do anything. Understand that our relationship is completely confidential & I obviously won’t divulge any details about your situation. After I speak or meet with them, I will keep you updated as far as any progress we might make.

Now, sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable making an appointment with an advisor they’ve never met, so if it’s easier, you can bring them to any one of my events. And let me assure you, you don’t have to worry whether they will meet my criteria. I would never expect you to pre-qualify someone. Just know that if you give me their name, we’re going to roll out the red carpet for them.

(Client response)

Thank you again. We know how busy you are. We will certainly keep your offer in mind.

7.Seminar Referral Script.

This script will help you get referrals from your seminar participants. This assumes you put on a GREAT seminar that provides tons of value.

What you’ll need: a simple one page sheet with a main circle in the middle and spokes to 5 smaller circles

At the end of the presentation, ask:

“Did anyone here learn something new from the presentation?

Is anyone thinking of someone who could use this information?

In your seminar packet you have a simple one page sheet with circles on it.

If you think this information would be of value to your friends and family, fill in the sheet with their name and phone number and I’ll invite them to my next event.”

8.Client Appreciation Event Bring a Friend Referral Script.

This is a message you can leave on your clients’ voicemail as part of your marketing plan for marketing your events.

“I’m calling to extend a personal invitation to our annual Market Update event on DATE and TIME. We’ll have complimentary food and drinks. Our speaker is an accomplished economist who will share information you may not find elsewhere. Also, please bring a friend who you think may find the topic useful. I’d love to see you there!” *see this post about some good ideas for events

9.Follow Up Phone Call Script for Client Appreciation Events.

When calling your clients to remind them about your event (because you have a plan to do this, right?), start with the expectation that they will bring someone. And when clients call in to register for your event, have your staff ready with a script. This works best when you know you will get your client on the phone and not their voicemail.

“We’d like to see you at our event and we have a little extra space. Is there someone you’d like to bring with you? Well, even if you can’t think of anyone right now, I’ll save a spot for your guest. Just let us know ahead of time who you’re bringing and I’ll update the guest list.”

10.Help Me Find Corporate Executives Referral Script.

This script helps you explain the benefits of working with corporate executives in a natural, conversational tone:

“What’s new in your world? Well, for me, I’ve been doing so much great work with my executive clients. You know, they are so busy that they just don’t have the time to devote to organizing their finances. They may have stock options that they don’t know what to do with. Once we get through with their planning, they are so much happier and relaxed. They would never have done this work on their own without my help and they just love the work I do for them. I enjoy the work so much that I am looking for other corporate executives that may need this type of work done. Would you know any busy executives?”

11.Subtle Send Me Referrals Script.

When you talk about me to your friends and family, what do you say?

Your client or COI will either say “Oh, I never talk to my family and friends about money” or they might say “Oh, I didn’t realize you were looking for referrals.

12.Don’t keep me a secret Script.

Often, when financial advisors want referrals, they have fear around HOW to ask. In this case, it is really important to find an authentic way to ask so that you don’t feel the fear.

One way is to say “Don’t keep me a secret. If you have friends or family who need financial advice, I would be glad to speak with them.”

Final thoughts:

So there you go, many referral scripts to help you get your referral hat on, get out of your comfort zone, and ask for more referrals. Don’t forget though, the script has to be right for you. It has to be genuine in order to work!

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