Incremental Change Equals Coaching Success – 4 Strategies for Lasting Change

Commit to change

I think the biggest myths about success are that it happens from one great idea or that it happens all of a sudden. In our immediate gratification world, we have come to expect that success will come to us easily, with very little effort on our part, and by an idea that we have never thought of before. That is just not the case.

The most successful people I know have come by success slowly over time by making small changes that add up to big results. My coaching clients know this because they hear me say it often. When you add behaviors and strategies at appropriate time intervals, you GROW. If you try to do too much too quickly you become overwhelmed and give up or burn out.

Think about a person who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. They need to work out, lose weight, and eat better. Deciding to lose 20 pounds in one week is neither healthy nor sustainable. First, they would create goals around what a healthier lifestyle means to them. Then, they would start an exercise program. Adding a sensible meal plan then makes sense. It takes 21 days to build a habit so sticking with the new way of living would get them closer to their goals. After reaching the goal, maintaining the new way of living is vital to success.


Here are four strategies for lasting change:

Commit to your goals for the LONG TERM

When you have the desire to be better and commit to achieving your goals no matter what, something magical happens. You set sail on a path of determination. Making your mind up that you want more out of your practice and your life is the first step.

Do something EVERY DAY

Know what you want to accomplish in your life and work on one aspect daily. If you want to turn your practice from “just trying to survive” to a practice that is thriving and built on referrals, that is a long term project. Break it down into smaller achievable parts and do something daily.


The behaviors and strategies that landed you where you are today are not the behaviors that will get you where you want to go tomorrow. You may need to try on new behaviors that will cause you to feel a bit uneasy at first. As you grow, you will build on those behaviors and months later they will seem easy.

Find an EXPERIENCED coach

Coaching is a new profession with coaches sprouting up throughout society with abundance. Not all coaches are good at working with financial advisors, teams, and career professionals. They don’t understand the business models and the industry. They don’t understand the branding necessary for success. They don’t understand the behaviors needed in this profession for lasting change. Many coaches might be too right-brained to work with left-brained advisors. Make sure you find the right coach for you.


How big is the gap between where you are today and where you want to go? Do you see yourself reaching the finish line? True success awaits those who are willing to do the work, step outside their comfort zone, and focus on small changes that lead up to big success.

What are the small steps you are taking to achieve success?

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