Intentional Self Care for Financial Advisors


Self-care is a topic that many financial advisors are not familiar with and an area they may not address in their personal goals or self-growth. It is akin to work-life balance yet it goes much further in its application and implementation.

Today self-care is my focus because I’ve embarked upon a six-month journey to place my self-care first and be more intentional about the life I’m leading. As such, what I want for my readers and my clients is a better life.

All coaching includes life coaching and self-care

Since all coaching, whether business development coaching or leadership coaching, addresses the entire person, self-care is integral in the success of a client’s long-term goals.

What is self-care?

It is the care of your emotional, physical, and mental health that results in happiness in your personal life, passion in your business life, and overall good health. Its implementation means that you are focusing on the most important areas of your life such as having deep and satisfying relationships with your family and friends. Maintaining good sleep and nutritional habits, practicing meditation, along with an exercise routine that you enjoy.

Yet self-care is often ignored or thought of as self indulgent or weak-minded. I’m not sure how this wrong thinking came about. The United States has a work force that is one of the most dissatisfied in the world because we tend to place more importance on work than on our life satisfaction.

I can’t practice self-care because I’m too busy

As an independent coach, I work with all types of financial advisors, from those just starting out to those with $500M in AUM. One thing many (but not all) have in common is a mindset that successful advisors work long hours and are proud of being constantly busy and overworked. This is NOT success! If you’re too busy, you are not working intelligently or intentionally. If you’re working late every single evening, you are neglecting your family and your health. I address this during most coaching engagements first with where you are spending your time, and secondly how you are treating yourself. This is because when we respect ourselves and ensure that we are leading the life we were meant to lead, everything else falls into place. The stars line up and the universe rewards our efforts with clarity of direction.

Self-care is intentional

Many new clients express to me that they are running from one appointment or project to another without space or time to catch up with their commitments. We seem to all be over-the-top busy with too many activities on our schedules. And some of us like it this way. But I can tell you, one day it could catch up with you. That’s why being intentional about your self-care is so important. At the end of a big project, or after a big win, or most importantly in your daily life, it’s critical to reward yourself for a job well done. Treat yourself with good wine and gourmet food. Take the long weekend. Distress and think about your life. Have unplanned time where you can be you. It all really comes down to having a good work-life balance!

How self-care helps you grow professionally

If you were to walk into a financial advisor’s office for a first meeting, and when he/she walked out from behind their desk they presented as 50 pounds overweight, what would you think? Subconsciously you may think, “If they can’t take care of themselves, how can they do a good job taking care of my money?”

But when you take good care of yourself, people notice. You are slim. You are toned. You radiate good health. You glow. You love what you do. And you demonstrate that you are capable of doing a great job with your potential clients’ money.


I hope this post helps you think more clearly about how you are caring for yourself, your body, and your mind. I’ll be writing more about this topic from time to time.

Have a great weekend!


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