Monday Motivation – Are You Committed to Success?

Are you ready to commit to your own success?

Let me ask you a question: Are you committed to success?

Have you grown your practice in the last 3 months? How about the last 6 months? Did your income and potential increase considerably this year over last year? Are you improving the quality of clients you are attracting? Do you feel that you have done your best to grow your practice and grow YOU? Are you motivated to live your best life?

Honestly. That’s how I want you to answer. If you feel that you can improve, I want you to do this exercise:

Think about your practice in a new way. Think about your practice AS IF you are committed to success.

You are in charge of your own life. Your financial success depends upon YOU. Your compensation is a direct reflection of the effort and imagination YOU put into your business.

There are six things I would like you to start doing today now that you are committed to success.

1. Look for new opportunities * they are all around you!

2. Think BIGGER * want more for your life!

3. Take action * be bolder! Take the steps necessary to get what you want in life.

4. Schedule time to call your clients * give them extraordinary service

5. Schedule time to market to your prospects * be accountable to yourself

6. Improve YOU – read books, take courses, and learn MORE so that you can be the best advisor possible.

Think about your practice in a new way. How can you be a positive force in your environment? If you are part of a team, how can you contribute your best qualities. If you are a financial industry career professional, what can you offer your coworkers that would make their lives easier. You can build whatever you want now that you are committed to your own success.

Start today!

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