My Gift to YOU – Financial Advisor Marketing Plan Template

I’ve been working with advisors since 2004 and I so often hear from clients that they do not have a good way of writing a Marketing Plan. They’ve perhaps never written one before or maybe they have never created an effective Marketing Plan that works for THEM.

So I put together a sample template of a Marketing Plan that you can use to create your own Business Plan. What’s great about it is that it has four sample plans that you can follow along with so that if you have never created an effective plan before, you’ve got some great examples of successful advisors to show you the way.

Another great benefit to my Marketing Plan Template is that it includes a six day business plan course that emails you one lesson per day for six days to help you write your custom plan. This helps you create an authentic plan that’s right for YOU.

Here are a few areas that I cover in the template from the six day course that deserve attention:
Target Market – please don’t say that you are planning on working with anyone who has a pulse. Your marketing will be much more effective if you have a clear idea of who you are qualified to work with.
Competition – think about who you are competing against and how you can leverage their deficiencies.
Business Model – you must be able to explain how your business model helps your affluent clients.
Elevator Speech – you really need a concise way of saying who you are and what you do for clients said in such a way that it is authentic and genuine.
Marketing Goals – when we create goals we become focused on achievement rather than accepting what we have now.
Marketing Tactics – there are SO many great marketing activities you can do that would help you grow your firm. Finding the right tactics that suit your skills is the key. This course includes the top 3 most effective tactics.

Here’s what you get with my program:

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If you’re looking for a Business Plan template with 4 sample financial advisor business plans, marketing ideas for financial advisors, and a six day e-course to help you write your custom plan, all for a reasonable price please take a look at:

Marketing Plan Strategies

My plan is right for you if:

  • You’re sick of where you are now
  • You are goal-oriented and want bigger financial success
  • You want to achieve more than you have before
  • You are willing to do the work to get results
  • You want a simple and straightforward plan
  • You wish you knew which strategies to employ
  • You don’t know which marketing tactics are effective
  • You need education and help to write your plan
  • You want a plan NOW -everything is available to you right after payment

I can still remember an advisor I worked with way back in 2004 who wanted to write a 30 page Marketing Plan. We were going round and round getting nowhere because it is such a big task to write a comprehensive plan. We had a big “aha” moment however when I said “let’s just make a mini plan with the key ingredients you need to focus on success.”

This is how my plan came into existence and ever since that moment I have used the mini plan to get my clients moving towards success.

I think in life we are too focused on overly complicated concepts. Just think how this applies to your financial planning practice. If you could get your clients to agree to a mini financial plan, wouldn’t that help them overcome inertia? Then after they agree you could help them to move another step every few months until they have a comprehensive financial plan.

Wealth management is helping clients achieve bigger financial success in a holistic manner. You encourage your clients to take financial responsibility for their future. How about you? Are you ready to take the actions necessary to plan a successful financial advisory practice by writing your own custom Business and Marketing Plan?

What I’ve noticed over the years is that advisors don’t know how to market themselves. You earned your credentials and your licenses but no one ever taught you how to manage your practice like a business. How do you do that? By writing a plan and updating it every single year prior to the end of the year.

You’ll see above that you get many templates in this package. Once you have completed your initial plan, you can just update your plan once per year. I recommend updating your plan in November or December so that you are focused on what’s coming in the New Year. My program comes with a color coded excel Marketing Calendar so that you can plan out your entire year’s marketing in advance.

Not only that, I want you to analyze your marketing results once annually. So I have included a Marketing Return on Investment excel spreadsheet in my program. You can look back on the year and decide where your new clients came from, which marketing tactics were the most beneficial and effective, and decide what new tactics you want to employ for the next year.

Most advisors were not taught how to be business owners. Furthermore you were never taught how to market your practice. That’s why I include a Marketing Ideas e-book with my program. You can get a good idea of what you want to do to market your practice.

The six day e-course that comes with my plan helps explain many issues advisors want to know that will help you write your own custom plan. Imagine having a detailed course to teach you how to write your plan… On day seven there are special gifts for you: four referral scripts my clients use to improve their referral conversations, among others.

I also encourage you to save your plan in this format: “Business Plan – Year” and save it in a folder on your computer or in the cloud that says “Business Plan.” That way you can review your progress year over year and you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get organized, productive, and set yourself up for a great financial planning practice and a great life.

Marketing Plan Ideas

So how about you? Do you have your own plan? Are you a financial planner, investment advisor, or wealth manager looking for an effective plan? Tell me in the comments below what makes your plan effective and if you have any questions.



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  1. Glenis says:

    I just purchased your plan Suzanne. Our company needs to get organized and ready for our best year ever. Everything looks great! We’ll refer you some advisors.
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  2. Thank you Glenis. Please let me know if you have questions.