Private Client Home Page

Welcome to my Private Client Home Page for my one-on-one private coaching clients. Here you will find tools, exercises, and resources to use during our coaching sessions.

Welcome to Coaching!

  • Please be aware that YOU are responsible for: booking your calls and adding the calls to your own calendar; completing the action items and making progress; and finding an area of focus for our calls (or I can help you find where to focus).
  • TAKE CONTROL of the Agenda process and focus on what you want. There are 300 pages on this private site. Select what YOU want to accomplish.
  • After the first month, please book 2 calls per month. PLEASE RE-BOOK CALLS ONLY IN THE SAME MONTH.
  • Look in your Recap under Action Items for your ZOOM link. You’ll see it AFTER we determine when to have the first Zoom.
  • Please take detailed notes during our calls.
  • I don’t DO the work. YOU do. I help guide you and provide examples of how to make a deliverable better.
  • Please DO NOT send me too many emails. We have CALLS for discussing topics!
  • I accept new clients based on the # of my existing clients, therefore:

Un-booked, skipped, or rescheduled calls do NOT roll over to the next month

Please respect my schedule by ending calls on time!

REQUIRED: Please create an agenda

Please note: this is your opportunity to be responsible for your achievement and success by communicating with me about where you want to focus! Please send your agenda the day before our call.

Sample Coaching Agenda

Please make notes about topics you would like to cover with me in your session. You may structure your agenda form as follows.

Wins since last call (required):
What you want to work on this week during your session:

Your Custom Call Booking Link and Zoom Link are in your recap under Action Items!

“We are a result of what we think. The mind is everything. What we think is what we become.”

“There’s plenty of information on this private site, but it’s how we customize it for YOUR situation, that’s where the magic happens!” – Your Coach, Suzanne


The hyperlinks below are links to sections of the coaching programs. Click on the links to bring up the resources.

A. All coaching begins with GOALS!

1. Coaching Guide ** REQUIRED WORK – how to get the most out of working with me

2. Goal Achievement** REQUIRED WORK – an exercise to support you in achieving your goals.

B. Coaching Programs

For our one-on-one work during coaching sessions, please click on the coaching programs below.

For you to benefit from ANY of the private content, WE MUST GO THROUGH IT TOGETHER!

1. Career Exploration

2. Job Search Coaching

3. Brand Coaching

4. Business Development Coaching: Sales, Prospecting, and Marketing

5. Practice Management Coaching

6. Executive / Leadership Skill Development

7. VC – Private Equity – RE – Hedge Funds

“Consistently repeated daily actions + time = awesome results”

C. Live Better


Live Better: affirmations /  work-life balance / stress reduction / confidence / motivation / assertiveness

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D. Resources

Suggesting Reading

My Blog for Financial Advisors

E. Link to schedule your next call


Please schedule 2 calls per month after the first month.

How to reschedule an existing call:

1.Open your calendar event on YOUR calendar (Outlook, Google, Mac) and click on the “cancel/reschedule link.”

2.Find another time on the calendar and select the time.

3.Ensure that the time you selected is correct and shows up on your calendar.

Rescheduling: calls may only be rescheduled with at least 24 hours notice. Reschedule by finding the event on YOUR calendar or find the email notification for that specific call.

Please do NOT decline a call! If I see a DECLINE call I will automatically cancel it.