Financial Advisor Productivity: 19 Bad Habits Financial Advisors Can Banish

financial advisor productivity - bad habits to banish

Financial Advisor Productivity Mistakes

Richard arrived at the office at 9:30am, set his stuff down, sashayed over to the coffee maker and poured himself a cup of Joe. He hung around talking to Jim about the news of the day. He caught up with Kathy and got the skinny on what’s going on in her life. He finally sat down at his computer to read email at 10:30 am.

Richard replied to one email and left the rest. He put out a client fire that seemed ready to burn his house down. By the time he was finished it was noon. Time for lunch. The rest of his day didn’t change much. More busy work. More email to read.

Since Richard has an “open door” policy, he was continuously interrupted throughout the afternoon. By the time he was able to pick up the phone and make a few client/prospect calls it was late in the day. He left a few messages and went home at 4:30pm somewhat dejected.

Financial Advisor Productivity Tip: Richard can establish a Model Work Week!

Richard has some bad habits that are preventing him from being the best financial advisor he can be. He is allowing his day to make his schedule. He’s coming to work too late to get a good start to his day. He’s putting out fires rather than being productive and focusing on key activities that contribute to his bottom line.

He lacks a definitive marketing strategy and has no idea about the difference between marketing and prospecting. He doesn’t have a Model Work Week and a Daily Success Schedule, nor a Prospecting Action Plan.

Richard is in REACT mode rather than INTENTIONAL mode.

What does a financial advisor need in order to be successful in their work? What are the habits and actions necessary to reach the pinnacle of success?

Some of my clients come to me with no idea of what they should be doing with their day to be successful. They flitter from one unproductive habit to another all day long. They have no order to their day and as a result, their income suffers.

What I want for YOU is improved productivity!

Where life where everything has its time and place. What I want for you is a life of good habits where you get everything done during the course of the day so that you can go home and spend time with your family.

Making good habits is not easy. It’s not a matter of deciding you will now do these ten things that you were not doing before. Too much change at one time is a set up for failure.

The best changes are those that are made slowly over time. If you think about your current habits, it makes sense. You brush your teeth daily because it’s a habit you’ve been doing all your life. It started with your mother telling you to do it. It culminated in mom’s reinforcement that you HAD to do it before bedtime.

If you want to be very successful in your career, you must develop a set of habits that will help you get what you want.

So, what do you want? What are your goals? Where do you want to be in five years? Work backwards from this vision and establish a list of the habits you would need to attain the level of success you want. Prioritize these habits and begin to introduce them one by one. As you become proficient at one new habit, add another.

Financial Advisor Productivity Habits

In order to be more productive, we must recognize what makes an advisor unproductive.  Lack of discipline is one of the big productivity derailers!  Allowing people to get in the middle of your goals for the day can distract you from what you really need to get done.

Do you have any of these 19 bad habits?

bad habits

  • Not having goals: business goals, prospecting goals, life goals
  • Getting to work late on your productive days
  • Not having order to your day
  • Keeping email open all day long
  • Answering your phone whenever it rings
  • Not answering emails as you read them
  • Maintaining open door hours all day long
  • Poor nutrition and fast food consumption
  • Lack of exercise and no workout routine
  • Not having a Marketing Plan
  • Not having a Prospecting Plan (there’s a difference between marketing and prospecting!)
  • Lack of “Go Days” and time out of the office prospecting
  • Not having a list of the Top 5 Priorities of the Week
  • Lack of follow up, especially with prospective clients
  • Few weekly client meetings
  • Lack of outbound calls
  • Lack of Centers of Influence meetings
  • Lack of marketing to warm prospects
  • Not delegating tasks to your assistant


Productive Financial Advisors

What do successful financial advisors have that unsuccessful advisors lack? It’s determination! It’s drive! It’s a focused, productive way to run their business and their life. Don’t let bad habits stop you from having the life you want. Make a list of ten habits that keep you well and help you reach your goals. Introduce them one by one and see your practice soar!


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  1. OK, you caught me! Forgetting to delegate, check! Answering the phone when I’m deep into a project, check! Forgetting to make those all important outbound calls, check! What a great list of reminders for everyone who owns a business!!!!

  2. Love your honesty Donna! Thanks for your comment.