Financial Advisors Attracting Retirees and Retired Couples

Use these tips to market yourself as the obvious choice for retirees. Financial Advisors Attracting Retirees: When I ask financial advisors “Who is your target market?” I often get a blank stare. Then an “um” and a reply “I work with, you know, the retired crowd.” So I say “So […]
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Financial advisor bloggers: 7 ways to get readers automatically for your blogs

Try these guaranteed ways to attract readers to your blog. I’ve been saying since the early 2000’s that financial advisors should blog to differentiate themselves and to harness the power of the internet. As a financial advisor coach since 2004, I’ve greatly enjoyed helping advisors gain leads and build their […]
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your vibe attracts your tribe - authentic blogging for financial advisors

Your vibe attracts your tribe – authentic blogging for financial advisors

Your vibe attracts your tribe – authentic blogging for financial advisors Be real, be authentic.   As a Coach for financial advisors, I recommend blogging as a digital marketing strategy in your Business Plan.  Because our lives have become more and more digital or virtual, we tend to crave something […]
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An Interview with Financial Content Writer Neil Rhein

Neil Rhein is the founder of Bull’s-eye Financial Communications in Mansfield, Massachusetts. He has a long history working in the financial services field as a writer, editor, and content marketer. Like many people I have met in the past few years, Neil and I became acquainted via social media. Neil […]
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How Financial Advisors Can Do Keyword Research

Using Inbound Marketing to attract clients to your financial advisory practice can be a little tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. You could potentially waste time writing articles or blog posts that don’t generate any traffic. To get traffic to your website, article, or blog, think like a […]
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list of 10 things financial advisors can write about on their blogs

Blog Topics Financial Advisors Can Write About

You’re a financial advisor with a blog. Now what? What in the heck do you write about? What can you say that would be of interest to prospects and clients? Where do you start? Questions I hear a lot: What do financial advisors write about on their blogs? Financial advisors […]
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