financial advisor office design

Interior office design and client engagement for financial advisors

Over the years, interior designers, researchers, and coaches like myself, have experimented with elements that impact client engagement and buying decisions through office design, which is part of your financial advisor brand. A traditional financial advisor’s office has a chair with a desk, and the client sits across the desk, […]
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Branded Financial Services are Easier to Sell

For many years I’ve been speaking about how branded financial services are easier to sell. If you’re like most financial advisors, your services sound pretty much like all other financial advisors. You offer financial planning and investment management, usually to anyone who needs it. Nevertheless, prospective clients who are considering […]
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Financial Services to Offer the Affluent, HNW, UHNW

Financial services that financial advisors can offer the affluent, HNW, UHNW

Financial Services to Offer the Affluent, HNW, UHNW What services are the affluent looking for from financial planners and wealth managers? What services do they want? If you could learn how to attract affluent clients, would you spend time re-inventing your practice to be more attractive to them? If you […]
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What do affluent, HNW, and UHNW clients want from their financial advisors?

What Do Affluent Clients Want From a Financial Advisor? 5 key lessons

Affluent clients are out there looking for a new financial advisor! What Do Affluent Clients Want From their Financial Advisor? Affluent clients’ concerns: Affluent, HNW, and UHNW clients are concerned about their wealth, their future, and the legacy they’ll leave their children. And they your need help. Nearly 66% of […]
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