The importance of financial advisor goal setting

New Year’s has come and gone. Welcome to a NEW DECADE! If you’re like many people, you probably thought about setting resolutions and goals for the new year. Many of these probably pertained to your financial advisor business and career. You probably thought about your life, your business, and how you could attain the future you want.

Goals for a new direction – financial advisor goal setting

There are a lot of good reasons to set goals. Not just New Year’s goals, but goals at other times as well. Setting goals for your financial career, your business, your personal life, your health, and other things are all important. By setting goals, you can take your life in a new direction.

There are many reasons to set goals, and below are five to get you motivated. Once you are motivated, consider talking to a professional coach to help you define your goals and help you to work toward them.

Increase your chance of improvement as a financial advisor

By setting goals, you can increase your chances of improvement. Simply by thinking about and writing down what you want to attain, your chances for attaining it go up.

By setting goals, you can know what you want, and even if you find you don’t put all of your focus into it, you can still find yourself taking steps to reach your goals. The steps you take might be small things, but they can move you in the right direction and increase the chances that you will get where you want to be.

Think for example, of improving your finance career. If you set this as a goal, you may have developed a number of ideas for how you could do so. Even if you find that you don’t ultimately complete all of your ideas, completing some of them, for example, by attaining a new credential, can move you in the direction that you want.

Increase the number of clients and or the quality of clients

In addition to increasing the likelihood that you will generally improve, setting goals can actually help you to reach a greater level in your improvement.

By setting a goal, something that is defined, like the number of new clients you get or the number of affluent clients you have, something with a number, you have something to reach for. Even if you find that you don’t ultimately get to that level, simply by aiming for it, you can reach a greater height than you would have otherwise.

Be in control of your financial advisor development

Too often in life, it can be easy to simply go with the flow. Your financial advisor career, for example, can easily go in the direction that circumstances dictate. If you get a better position, for example, it could be because you were simply offered one. If you expand your financial advisor business, it could be because the economy happened to improve.

By setting goals though, you can take control of your development. Rather than going with the flow, you can sail where you want.

Setting goals gives you a direction and something to reach for in your career. If for example, you want a better quality of client, by setting goals, you can take steps to attract them, rather than just waiting for what comes your way.

Explore new opportunities

When you sit down to think about your goals, you can often find that you have goals that maybe you hadn’t considered before. Maybe, for example, you never thought about increasing the leads you receive until you thought about your goals. In doing so, maybe you considered leads and networking groups, which you may not have otherwise. This can open up new opportunities and give you the ability to explore new things.

Take a comprehensive approach

Before you set goals, you may have a general idea of what you want to improve in your financial advisor business and in your life. You may not realize though how your goals connect.

Often things in life overlap. For example, if you have one financial advisor business goal of expanding your number of clients, and another goal of marketing to a new target market, both those goals work together. They go toward the same end. The same idea applies to other types of goals, even those that might not seem as connected.

When you set goals, and look at them together, you can see where your actions can overlap. You can see where taking a step for one goal, can actually help you to achieve another.

Setting goals can allow you to view your improvement in a comprehensive way, and therefore you can improve more and more easily than you may have without setting goals.


New Year’s has come and gone. Hopefully you’ve set goals for yourself and for your financial advisor business. If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late. Now is a perfect time to set goals. When you set goals, you can increase the chances you will improve, you can increase the level you can improve to, and you can take control of your improvement. You can find yourself exploring new opportunities, and taking a comprehensive view that can help you to improve overall. If you haven’t set goals yet, or need help working toward the ones you’ve set, contact me, and we can talk about your goals and how you can achieve them.

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