Why I deleted my email – Email burnout and Ground Rules

why i deleted my email

Do you feel like you’re always “on” and available to clients at any time of the day? Do you leave your email manager open all day when you’re at work? Does a message flash across your computer screen every time you get a new email?

Email burnout

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be suffering from email burn out. As a Financial Advisor Coach, I help clients create their best business and their happiest life. Email burnout contributes to being overwhelmed. This occurs when you are available to your clients 24 hours a day 7 days a week for their every wish or desire. It could be that when you started out as a financial advisor, you were eager to prove that you provide great service to clients and then you may have given them your cell phone number. But now that you’ve grown up into a more seasoned financial advisor, you’re getting overwhelmed by client emails.

Why I deleted my email

I recently made a big change in my business by deleting my email off my iPhone. I found myself constantly checking my email even when I was out of the office doing something fun, taking the weekend off, hanging out with my sisters and mum, and even at dinner or waiting for my husband at happy hour.

Knowing that my email was easily accessible on my iPhone was causing me to check it too often and not enjoy my time out of the office. In other words, I was allowing my business to rule my personal time so that it became a “need” rather than a “want.”

Step 1 – getting feedback

I discussed this with a dear friend who is also a coach and we came to the conclusion that I needed to remove email from my phone. At first I did the cheater’s version of removing my email by going to “settings” and sliding the option “off” mail for my work email. I tried this out for a few weeks and I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I could suddenly enjoy myself. I went to movies, had lunches with girlfriends, did errands, made gourmet meals, drank good red wine, all without a thought to my email.

I began to give attention to email only during working hours, where and when it belongs!

Step 2 – permanently deleting email

The big step came after I decided that it was time to permanently delete my email rather than using the cheater’s version where I could simply slide the option back to “on.”


Do you allow email to distract you from the things you need to get done on a daily basis? Do you leave email open while you’re at work? Did you know that email is like the gremlin on your shoulder keeping from being productive? When you stop to check email, it takes you out of productivity. Then when you return to work, it takes 20 minutes to get back into productivity. NOT GOOD!


When you onboard a new client, do you undergo a Ground Rules session where you explain what working with you looks like? Where you review Roles and Responsibilities, how to work with you, and when you are available. If not then, NOT GOOD!

Financial advisors can create their best life

You took a risk to be in business for yourself. It’s time to make your business work for you so that you can take time off without feeling guilty that you’re enjoying your life. You don’t need to be available all the time. You CAN take time off. You can avoid constantly checking your email by deleting it off your phone and only checking it at work, where it belongs.

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