Financial Advisor Biography Template

Why work with you?

Your biography is your opportunity to tell prospective clients who you are and WHY they should work with you. The goal is to present your skills and background so that there’s no doubt you can do the job. But there’s another factor most advisors fail to address: BUILD ENGAGEMENT!

  • Biographies should be written so that prospective clients can learn more about you. What are they looking for? Credibility and expertise first! Then personality and likeability second.
  • Don’t forget to position your bio so that it shows WHY clients would want to work with you.
  • Do you love what you do? (you must show passion)
  • Do you work with specific target markets? (you must how expertise with specific client types)
  • Do you have unique credentials or certificates? (show expertise in a subject matter. i.e. CDFA, etc)
  • Do you have a passion for a cause? (show volunteer memberships, but be brief)
  • Are you a real person? (spouse, children, interests outside the office)


How to write bios – what’s your story?

Bios, for the most part, should be written in the 3rd person. In the alternative, if your company style is relaxed and friendly, you can write them in the 1st person. The key is to have all team members follow a similar style and pattern.

  • Each team member should have their own bio and headshot to show prospective clients that their needs will be taken care of by a team of professionals.
  • Suggested length: 3-4 paragraphs (250-400 words)
  • How did you get into the field? What was the defining moment in your career when you said “This is what I was meant to do?”


Here’s a sample bio template:


Name and credential if any


Company title


*Favorite quote / money quote



Description- Start out with a 25 – 50 word description of you and your background in the first paragraph


Explain credentials, certificates, (if none, leave out) and licenses


Professional experience


Areas of expertise (What’s your specialization? Don’t forget the Financial Advisor Income Hierarchy)


Type of clients served (Who is your Target Market? Clients want to know that you have experience helping their particular demographic with their unique challenges)


Accomplishments, memberships, and community service


Published articles, if any


Optional: John is passionate about … OR John loves working with… OR John’s Ideal Clients are …


Personal: In one to three sentences, talk about your personal interests and hobbies. There’s no need to list the names of spouse and children.



What’s next? Your engaging headshot!



* Quotes / money quotes

I like my clients to include a favorite quote at the beginning of their bio to create readership engagement.  Do you have a favorite quote?

Here are a few to get ideas:

  • “Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.” Nelson Mandela
  • “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” Henry David Thoreau
  • “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry David Thoreau
  • “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Here are some links to find other quotes: