Job Search Elevator Pitch

A Job Search Elevator Speech is critical element in finding the right job. Crafting the right speech helps you spread the word about what you’re looking for and helps to clarify what you want.


There are two types of elevator speeches:

  1. Networking Elevator Speech – for use when you are phoning your network or attending events where you will talk to people face-to-face about what type of position you are seeking. This format is informal so having a few points that make you memorable can be helpful
  2. Job Interview Elevator Speech – for use when a Hiring Manager or Recruiter contacts you. This format is more formal and should be laced with benefits to the organization. Initially you may be asked to talk about yourself, so having something prepared can be very useful.


Networking Elevator Speech

At its most basic level, the structure is:

Hi, my name is ___________. I worked in _______________ (field), and I’m looking to get into _____________________ (what you want and the sub industry). Something unusual about me is that _____________________ (something memorable that will open the conversation and make a connection).


“Hi, my name is Jonathan. I worked in Investment Banking for 20 years, first with Company X and then with Company Y. I’m looking to get into the technology investment field in private equity or venture capital. Something unusual about me is that my wife and I were in the Peace Corps right out of college and we just adopted a rescue Border Collie.”


During a Job Interview:

Start by writing out what you would want to say to a hiring manager:

  • Who you are
  • What you specialize in
  • What sets you apart, your strengths, and how they would benefit the organization
  • The specific finance/investment areas you are interested in


“I spent 15 years working in investment banking on Wall Street. It was a fast-paced environment where you had to be on your toes and ready for anything. I do my best work when I’m challenged by my environment to step up and make a difference. I have a natural ability to research opportunities, analyze options, and exercise independent judgment on matters of importance. I’d like to take these skills and get into the private equity field.”


Career change – add into your speech: “I’m interested in career switching into real estate private equity after having worked a couple of years in …”


  • Make sure the content is compelling
  • Practice makes perfect – practice in front of a mirror, making sure that you smile. A smile can be “heard” during a phone call and “seen” in person.
  • Sound enthusiastic – motivation and enthusiasm are qualities ALL hiring managers are seeking