Financial Advisor – Investment Manager  – Prospecting Script -First Meeting

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Move the prospect along through the sales process

financial advisor prospecting script first meeting

This is a financial advisor prospecting script focused on moving the prospective new client along in the sales process. For my financial advisor coaching clients, I define prospecting as face-to-face communication, asking questions, going deeper, and finding out the true need. Be interested in the other person and it will pay off. This is essential for your Marketing Plan to work and be effective!

**TIP 1: Establish rapport immediately! Creating rapport is the single most important goal of a first meeting. If you can create that “easy going, I can talk to you about anything” rapport, you WILL get the business over other financial advisors the prospect may be speaking with.

**TIP 2: Prequalify Script You may decide that the script below needs to be broken up into two meetings. One initial qualification meeting, and a second “face to face” meeting.

**TIP 3: Try NOT to solve their problems in the first meeting! Talk about the problem. Talk about the symptoms, the pain, and give a BRIEF outline of the solutions. But do not give away your services and expertise until you get the “Yes” to hire you.

Sample Prospecting Agenda in Word Format

**TIP 4: Here is a Sample Word Agenda for you to use during the prospecting meeting as a guideline to help you remember each section of the script below. Customize the agenda for your own use / and send to your compliance department for approval. You can share this agenda with prospects and request that they take notes, or you can simply follow the agenda and explain that you like to be organized for your meetings. I prefer my clients to provide their prospects with the agenda.

Prospecting Agenda First Meeting-W

Here is the Prospecting Script:

1. Rapport questions:

Approach A: PROSPECT NAME, you’re from CITY. How do you like living there? Are you from there originally? I’ve always wanted to visit. What would you recommend I see if I came to visit? Are you a “sports-team-CITY” fan?

Approach B: So you found out about me through CLIENT A/CENTER OF INFLUENCE [referral source]. How do you know CLIENT A? [Discuss mutual interests].

Approach C: We met through [specific way you met. Discuss mutual interests].

[Use their first name throughout the meeting!]

2. Agenda Statement:

Thanks NAME for having this meeting with me. You indicated that you’re interested in finding a financial advisor.

3. Credibility Statement:

Well you’ve come to the right place. I help MY TARGET CLIENTS accomplish their financial goals through financial planning and investment management. My clients significantly improve their financial situation after working with me. I know I can do the same for you.

4. Take Control Statement:

So today in this call [meeting], we’ll cover your needs, what I offer, and whether we’re a good fit to work together. I’ll most likely offer some valuable insight during our call, so I highly encourage you to take notes.

I know that my assistant has already sent you a few things to go over, including my Client Service Experience which explains our service schedule and what makes us different.

5. Ask permission/get agreement:

[Get their agreement to ask questions so that not only are they saying “yes” but also so that they have the expectation that more questions are coming.]

So, do you mind if I ask you a few questions to get to know your needs a little better?


6. Current Situation / Background:

  • I’d like to know you a bit better, please tell me a little about your background.
  • You indicated you were interested in [improving your financial situation] and I always like to know the motivation behind the decision. So, what’s your motivation for working on your finances? In other words, what’s your WHY for seeking an advisor? What will financial planning do for your life?
  • It sounds like you would like to [improve your financial situation] in order to have a better life and provide for your family? Is that correct?
  • Regarding your experience with money, what has been your greatest financial win and how did you feel about it?
  • What are some of your financial dreams?
  • So I’m curious, what is your current financial situation? What do you think you could be doing better?

[What they want in the future:]prospecting for a wealthy lifestyle

  • What would you like to change about your financial situation?
  • What would you like money to do for you?
  • Well, my philosophy is that financial planning and investment management helps clients get organized and live a more relaxed lifestyle knowing that the future is planned out for them.
  • Does that make sense to you? [Get them saying “yes”]

[Success story]

I can think of a client who was in the exact same position you’re in now [describe the client’s problem]. After working with me, CLIENT’S FIRST NAME now enjoys BENEFITS OF YOUR SOLUTION.

  • Is that the kind of lifestyle you’d like to pursue? [Get another “yes”]
  • We’ve covered what you’re looking for and I’ve given you some pointers on what you may need.

Summary and transition:

  • So based on what you’ve told me, I know I can help you.

7. Create Need: prospecting results

Working with me will help you achieve your financial goals. Here are the services I offer:

I help you…

  1. Build a Financial Plan so that you have clarity of financial direction.
  2. Create an Investment Plan based on your risk tolerance so that you are invested appropriately.
  3. Take care of the financial issues and wealth events that keep you awake at night.
  4. Determine a Retirement Income Plan to avoid running out of money in your golden years.
  • So it’s safe to say that if you were to work with me on your finances, all your needs would be met.


8. Clarify their understanding of Financial Planning/Investment Management:

So regarding WHAT I OFFER, have you ever worked with a financial planner/investment manager before?prospecting rapport

  • What have you heard about financial planning in the past?
  • Many people will tell you that financial planning is effective because it’s an ongoing relationship that covers every aspect of your financial life. (Other advisors may sell you a product and then you may never hear from them again).
  • What are you looking for in an advisor?
  • What would you like your advisor to do for you?
  • If you have worked with an advisor, what could have made it better?

I am both a Financial Advisor and a Financial Coach…

…helping you avoid financial mistakes that could be detrimental to your future.

This is what’s included when you work with me:

  1. I pride myself on the Client Service Experience offered to my clients.
  2. I work with you using a Client Service Schedule to monitor your plan and ensure you’re on track.
  3. Discuss how you set yourself apart from other advisors.

Discuss your fees:

This is what I charge for financial planning.

This is what I charge for investment management.

I also offer financial coaching on a monthly subscription basis…


Does this seem like it would be of value to you?

(if yes, go to section 10).

9. a Uncover Objections:

  • What concerns do you have about working with me?
  • [Answer any concerns and overcome objections. Any answer besides “Yes, I’m ready to move ahead” is an objection. Objections are covered in a separate coaching session]
  • Is there anything else causing you to hesitate? [Check in one final time to ensure there’s nothing else holding them back.]
  • Does this investment in your future make financial sense to you?

9. b Confirm Objections – are there any other objections?

Other than OBJECTION X [“I already have an advisor” “I’m happy with my advisor” “cost”  “time” “having to think about it”]  and putting that aside for a moment, is there anything else stopping you from moving forward?

10. Ask for the business:take action on prospecting now!

So PROSPECT NAME, are you ready to move ahead?

Other ways to ask:

  • Shall we get started working together?
  • I have Tuesday at 9am or Wednesday at 4pm. Which works for you?
  • Would you like to engage me as your financial advisor?
  • Let’s get started on the paperwork!

If you knew that working with me could save you 3-5 years of wasted effort, what would you do?

If “YES” then,

Great! Let’s discuss the next steps.

11. Prospecting next steps:

  1. My assistant will send you our Financial Planning Agreement – Once you have received the agreement, I ask that you return it to my assistant within 3 business days. Is that OK with you? [Get their verbal agreement on sending it back within 3 days and your success rate will soar.]
  2. In addition, [go on to describe your next steps.]

If “NO, not ready to move ahead,” then:

Get them on your newsletter list or Warm Marketing Plan so that they receive your touches on a regular basis. They may not be ready now, but they could be ready in the future.

Prospecting Follow Up:

Keep the prospect involved in the Sales Process! Don’t drop them or lose track of them. Continue to send valuable information to them/or check in with them on a regular basis.

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