Your Brand: 5 must haves for financial advisor voicemails

“Hello, you’ve reached the voicemail of …” We’ve all heard messages that start like this. You call a business or a person, and for whatever reason they aren’t available, and you have to leave a message. This is a very common thing and something we’re all used to.

This message, while common, is actually a great opportunity to provide good client service and to promote your practice. This simple little message can actually do a lot.

Provide basic info

With a voicemail message, you can give information, reinforce your brand, provide a professional and positive tone, and encourage further client action. It’s an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Through business coaching, you can define your brand and learn how to put forward a professional and positive tone. For a holistic approach, you can develop a business plan that includes these aspects.

Below are five must-haves that any voicemail message should have.

Your basic financial advisor firm information

When you create a voicemail, it’s important to include basic information. The most important piece of this is your firm name. Clients like to know that they reached the right company. Saying your name also gives you an opportunity to reinforce your brand.

In addition to your name, you might consider including other information like when you will be available, how a client can contact you or someone else if they have an urgent issue, how you can be reached online, and instructions for how the client can leave a message. These things can form the basic structure of your voicemail message.

When creating your message, keep in mind to speak clearly and to not have a message that is too long.

Your tagline

A tagline is a phrase that lets clients know the benefits they get by working with you. Your voicemail message is a great place to include your tagline. An example tagline could be something like, “Growing your retirement dreams”. By taking a little time to plan your tagline out, you can have a tagline that sizzles!

Recommended sources of financial information

It can be easier to work with clients that are informed. An informed client has a better idea of what they want and they can better understand the different options available to them.

You can use your voicemail message as an opportunity to point clients in the right direction in terms of becoming more informed.

You might, for instance, recommend that they read your blog. Provide your website address and tell them where to click.

Event promotion

A great thing you can do with your voicemail message, is promote an upcoming event. Examples of this might be a seminar, a class, or a client appreciation event. You can use your voicemail message to let clients know about what’s upcoming. This is also an opportunity to reinforce your brand to show clients that you are active in the industry and the community. Of course, you would need to update this information periodically as events come and go.

Financial advisor compliance

When creating your voicemail message, it’s important to consider compliance issues. For example, you might avoid having any information about investments in your message. You might also have a part where you say something like, “please do not leave trade requests on this voicemail as they cannot be honored in this way.” Look up the rules that apply and follow them.

Financial advisor voicemails: example message

Here is an example financial advisor voicemail message to show you how the pieces can go together.

“Hello, you’ve reached the voicemail of Serenity Advisory Group, where we help you to grow your retirement dreams.

We are in the office eight to five, weekdays. If this is urgent, you can reach us at ###-###-####. You can also email Jane our office manager at

If you haven’t yet, check out Melissa’s new book, Making Your Retirement Dreams a Reality or read our blog at

Also, we hope we see you at our client appreciation event on the twentieth of next month. We’ll have great food, interesting speakers, and giveaways!

As a note, please do not leave trade requests on this voicemail as they cannot be honored in this way.

After the tone, leave your message, and we will get back to you soon. Thanks.”

BIG TIP: Voicemails set up by your assistants

A few years back, I called a client during non-working hours, on their main business phone number. The voicemail was made by my client’s assistant, who although in her 60’s, she was not old by any means. But her voicemail for the company sounded like she was about to call for an ambulance. Please DON’T LET THIS BE YOU! Make sure your financial advisor voicemail is inviting, positive, and provides good information.

A final tip: pick up the phone

Although voicemail messages are a great opportunity and something to focus on, they can’t beat you being available. The best voicemail message isn’t as good as you picking up the phone.

A key to client service is being available for clients. If you find you need some help with this, you might think about hiring an assistant, how you can deal with having too much work, and how you can change your behaviors to be more productive.

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