Coaching FAQ

Here are some common questions about coaching.

I’m considering hiring a coach. Where do I start?

The process begins with a telephone consultation. This is where we determine if coach and client are a good fit.

You may want to do research about coaching before our call. Here are a few resources:

• How to Find a Professional Coach
• My Guide to Coaching
• The Coaching Relationship

How does professional coaching work?

I coach my clients via telephone 2-3 times per month. Clients have a recurring appointment, usually the first and third week of the month. The second and/or fourth week of the month I am often giving presentations.

What is included in coaching?

Please see Coaching Programs page for details on what’s included.
Clients pay via credit card. My assistant bills my clients automatically on the first of every month for that month’s sessions. I accept American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Who might need a Professional Coach?

People from all walks of life find coaching useful. I work with a variety of professionals in financial services. Many of my clients need help to take their business or career to the next level. My clients often need a supportive coach and strategic partner with experience (going back to 2004).

I work with:

Financial advisors and investment managers

Finance career professionals

Finance executives


What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

A consultant is usually an expert in a specific industry, will give you answers to all your questions, and may even implement strategies and programs for you.

A coach will ask probing questions to bring out your unique abilities, help you create a vision and plan for the future, and will stay with you while you implement changes.

A coach holds you accountable for what you say you’ll do, gives you a push to do more than you would do on your own, and helps you overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success.

I am both a consultant and a coach.

Is it important to hire a certified coach?

Yes, it’s very important! Ensure your coach is either certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) or is working towards certification. There are many people calling themselves a coach today who have had no formal training.

Many have taken to adding the word “coach” to their title hoping to ride the coaching bandwagon. Make sure your potential coach has received coach-specific training from an ICF-accredited coach training school. The ICF is an independent organization that certifies coaches.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

A therapist focuses on the past and delves into issues that require specialized training. A coach also has specialized training that helps clients focus on the future and move beyond feeling “stuck.” A coach is your accountability partner in success and can help you discover your passion, values, and strengths.

How long do clients typically work with a coach?

coaching achievement

Many successful entrepreneurs and financial professionals are finding that coaching is the key to excellent performance, learning, achievement, and enjoyment. Therefore, they choose to work with a coach on a continuing basis.

I ask my clients to make a commitment to coach for a minimum of three to six months. Any new behaviors and marketing strategies put into practice today may take from three to six months to show results.

While coaching can be very effective for short-term change, my clients stay with coaching an average of 12 to 18 months, some longer. The learning that takes place creates results that continue for one to three years. Business Coaching is not meant to be a “quick fix” or a short-term relationship.

How can I be sure my confidential information is safe with you?

I do not talk about my clients. As a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), I maintain strict confidentiality for all your business and personal information.

Who does the work? Client or coach?

This is your business and your career. The responsibility for success rests with you. I will guide you, provide resources, encourage action, and be your accountability partner. You do the work.

What are the benefits of coaching?

• You will avoid many of the mistakes business owners make.
• You will accomplish more than you would on your own.
• You will achieve your goals more quickly.
• You will have a collaboration partner that doesn’t share in your profits.
• You’ll learn strategies to draw business directly to you.

What would it be worth to you if you knew that using coaching with me could help you significantly improve your results?

What results can I expect working with you?

The results are often dependent upon you and your determination to not only follow the coaching program and my recommendations, but to also decide that nothing will stop you from getting the results you desire. See the Testimonials page for more information.

Is Prosperity Coaching LLC a franchise?

Prosperity Coaching is not a franchise. I created my company in 2004. All my programs are based on my own knowledge, expertise, and experience.


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