Coaching for Portfolio Managers & Hedge Fund Managers

Hello. I’m Suzanne Muusers, Executive and Career Coach for the investment management profession. Since 2004, I have been coaching portfolio managers and hedge fund managers to achieve their business and career goals.

Working with me as your Executive Career Coach can help you create bigger goals, leverage your unique skill set, step outside your comfort zone, and take charge of your career.

Managing money can be a highly competitive field where spur-of-the-moment decisions and above average returns are expected. Managing your career progress while also managing your investment portfolio can be a challenge. That’s why managers like you hire me, to help them create and achieve new career goals.

Does this sound like YOU?

  • You manage considerable sums of money
  • The investments you manage can be complex
  • You follow trends, use detailed research, and make informed decisions
  • You’re highly educated, credentialed, and intelligent
  • You love what you do and the challenges your career presents
  • You’re seeking a confidant and coach to help you achieve your goals
  • You may be considering moving firms, but you’re not sure how to seek a new position

What makes a great portfolio manager?

Well, it’s like any great skill – researching, analyzing, focusing on your profession, deepening strengths, and leveraging talents. All these actions help you become a better at what you do.

But there comes a point where finding help can make a difference in your career results. That’s where coaching comes in. Working with me as your coach can help you improve your results intentionally:

coaching for portfolio managers and hedge fund managers

  • Find a new position with new responsibilities using Job Search Coaching
  • Deepen your leadership skills
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Improve your business results
  • Improve your organization’s business culture
  • Implement new business development strategies
  • Help your organization create capacity for new business
  • Fine-tune your career vision
  • Learn how to share your ideas confidentially
  • Find ways to reduce stress and enjoy a more balanced life

Have questions?

I am Suzanne Muusers, Finance Career Coach since 2004. If you have questions about this service, please book a call, email, or call (480) 463-3171.

I am located in Phoenix, Arizona but coach clients worldwide.

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