Coaching for Venture Capital, Private Equity &  Real Estate Professionals

Hello. I’m Suzanne Muusers, Executive Coach for the investment management professions. Since 2004, I have been coaching private equity, venture capital, portfolio managers & hedge fund managers and RE investors, to achieve their business and career goals.

  • Looking for a new fund or to start your own fund?
  • Want to earn a promotion in PE/VC?
  • Have business goals you want to focus on?

The venture capital, private equity, RE fields are highly competitive, demand specialized skills, and can be quite lucrative. As such, professionals in this field are not run-of -the-mill. They are usually graduates from distinguished schools with internship experience and real-world industry experience.

You may have taken the traditional route to get into VC / PE known as the 2 – 2 – 2. Two years in Investment Banking or consulting. Two years work experience in VC / PE. Two years in a top MBA program.

Or you may have taken a non-traditional route, but found your way nonetheless.

As a career professional in this field, you are in it for the long haul. You may have started in this field as an intern or in Investment Banking or as an investor, and now you’re wondering where you want to go. Hiring me as your Career Coach is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Independent advice

Because I’m an independent coach, I’ve worked with professionals from associates, VP’s, all the way up to principals, managing directors (MD), limited partners (LP), and general partners (GP). Whether you are U.S.-based or international, I can help you identify your career goals and work to achieve them

Real Estate (RE) Investment Funds

Professionals who are in Real Estate investment funds, REIT’s, Real Estate exchange-traded funds (ETFs- passively managed), residential, commercial, land investors have worked with me over the past several decades on fund raising, business development, career development, and leadership skill development.


10 Benefits of a Venture Capital – Private Equity – RE Coach

coaching for VC, PE, RE
Whatever your reason for seeking a coach, having a coach can make all the difference in your career progress. My experience is working with VC and PE professionals all the way from pre-seed, early stage product development of a minimum viable product, to successful Private Equity firms focused on longer term investments.

Typically, the investment life cycle when you are a VC or PE professional can start with raising money from investors and investing that money in companies that fit your firm’s strategy. Using predetermined business development strategies, you then add value to those companies. The eventual sale and exit of assets results in a split of the profits and you earn the carry you have negotiated. Therefore, advancement in VC and PE is linked to your deal-making capabilities!

As you are working through deals, thinking like an entrepreneur has its benefits. Analyzing the merits of a company as a long-term investment takes experience. Calculating the risks of owning a particular company is also extremely important. Thinking about how long you will live with an acquired company on your balance sheet is an entrepreneur’s mindset.

It is important to be hard-working and driven, with highly-developed analytical skills, to be able to analyze complex and challenging transactions. Passion for investing is the key!


Here are 10 benefits and areas of coaching with me:

I also work with private equity and venture capital professionals using Job Search Coaching. Please contact me to learn more.

Passion for Venture Capital (VC), Private Equity (PE), Real Estate (RE)

There are many exciting developments in Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Real Estate. I like to stay current by following a few well-known people in the VC / PE/RE fields such as Jason Calacanis, Ray Dalio, Mark Mobius, Joanne Wilson, Fabrice Grinda, Wayne ChangCaterina Fake, and Brendan Wallace.  In addition, I follow other respected finance professionals such as Mohamed El-Erian, and these prominent folks.

I understand you!

As an Executive Coach working with Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Hedge Fund professionals since 2004, I get your challenges. As a Managing Director or Principal your time is valuable and your focus can sometimes wear thin when you are torn in many directions. I have worked with all the way from junior associates up to s.

Deep experience in PE / VC / Finance

There’s no need to waste time explaining investing terms or finance details as I’ve been in this arena since 2004, in the trenches, so I understand how the industry works and the personality factors that contribute to success, without going through burnout. I know about the late nights, the market close, the round the clock trading, and the licenses and credentials that are needed.

Other experience

I have helped clients work through many facets of private equity investing, including:

  • Deal origination
  • Evaluation, structuring, negotiation, execution
  • Equity and debt capital raising
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Structured transactions
  • Debt and equity capital raises
  • Project developments
  • Commercial contract execution
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