Coaching for Private Equity and Venture Capital Professionals

Hello. I’m Suzanne Muusers, Executive Career Coach for the investment management professions. I coach private equity and venture capital professionals to achieve their business and career goals.


  • Looking for a new fund?
  • Want to earn a promotion in PE/VC?
  • Have business goals you want to focus on?

The private equity and venture capital fields are highly competitive, demand specialized skills, and can be quite lucrative. As such, professionals in this field are not run-of -the-mill. They are usually graduates from distinguished schools with internship experience and real-world industry experience.

As a career professional in this field, you are in it for the long haul. Hiring me as your Career Coach is one of the best investments you will ever make.

I’ve worked with professionals from associates all the way up to managing directors and partners. Whether you are U.S.-based or international, I can help you identify your career goals and work to achieve them.

Benefits of a Coach focused on VC / PE

Whatever your reason for seeking a coach, having a coach can make all the difference in your career progress. My experience is working with VC and PE professionals all the way from pre-seed, early stage product development of a minimum viable product, to large successful Private Equity firms focused on longer terms investments.

Here are benefits and areas you will work on with me:

  • Start your own fund
  • Become a partner in a fund / evaluate offers / negotiate carry
  • Fund raise / produce deal sheets / evaluate SPV’s (special purpose vehicles) / create a presentation deck
  • Deepen leadership skills
  • Obtain feedback and advice and think outside the box
  • Get out of your comfort zone / think strategically
  • Rebrand yourself for a new direction
  • Find a more meaningful position or company
  • Balance your personal and professional life
  • Evaluate employment offers

I also work with private equity and venture capital professionals using Job Search Coaching. Please contact me to learn more.

Hire Suzanne Muusers as your Executive Coach

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