Coaching Guide

Welcome to Coaching with Suzanne!

What do you want to work on today?

What I want for all my clients is to get the maximum benefit from our coaching relationship. This guide will show you how to get the most value from coaching with me.

Guide to Coaching with Suzanne

I. What do you really want?

Make a list of the things you really want in life

  • Coaching works best when you have clear goals based on your needs and values. Think about the things you really want to accomplish in life.
  • What do you want to accomplish in the next 6 to 12 months
  • What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years – I call these BIG PICTURE GOALS
  • If you’re not sure what your goals should be, we can discuss them during our calls.

Coaching is FAR more than IDEAS about what to do to be successful. Coaching is:

  • Increasing the motivation to do what needs to be done
  • Demonstrating the passion for doing it
  • Learning how to remove the ways we self sabotage 
  • Identifying ways to become the BEST at what we do

You will need 4 things to be successful:

1. Vision: Successful people have a vision for their business, profession, and life in five to ten years.
2. Planning: A plan for how to get where you want to go. We will develop this together.
3. Attitude: A positive attitude and motivation to guide you in your journey.
4. Accountability: You will need to hold yourself accountable for working your plan and getting you out of your comfort zone.

I’m glad you’re ready to make changes and improvements in your business, career, and your life. I’m glad you’re ready to take action!

II. Who are you, really?

Get to know yourself anew
Working with a coach is a healthy way to grow. Most clients hire a coach to accomplish several specific goals and spend much of the time and focus on these goals.

Yet, with coaching, don’t be surprised if you discover new parts of yourself, or if you find your goals adjusting to who you really are. This discovery process is natural, so don’t rush it, just realize it will likely happen. Accelerated personal and professional growth is the hallmark of being coached.

Double your level of willingness
Part of working with me as your coach is that I will ask a lot of you, and probably more than you would ask of yourself. I need you to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning some parts of your life. This may be necessary to help you reach your goals. These are some of the things I may ask you to be willing to consider …

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Change your behavior

achieve your goals

  • Re-examine some of your assumptions
  • Experiment and try new things
  • Remove sources of stress in your life
  • Associate with people who add to your life
  • Stop associating with people who criticize or maintain a negative attitude
  • Redesign how you spend your time
  • Get the support you need to handle a problem
  • Set goals that are bigger yet still attainable
  • Increase your personal standards – don’t allow others to treat you poorly
  • Adopt a positive attitude and believe in yourself – anything is possible!!!!
  • Take responsibility for your life, your career, and your business – this requires action on your part
  • Learn to delegate and let go of busy work and tasks that are taking up too much of your time
  • Learn to let go of limiting beliefs and replace them with positive self-talk (limiting beliefs are subconscious thoughts that limit our success such as “I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not good enough”, “I have to do everything on my own”)
  • Start on the road to a balanced life. Your body and mind need to be re-charged on a regular basis.

I encourage you to use our time together to think deeply and profoundly about what you most want in life. Ask yourself:

  • What parts of my business or profession am I most passionate about?
  • What was the original reason for starting my business?
  • Am I satisfied with my profession?
  • What is most important in my life?
  • Am I focusing on activities that energize me?

Once you envision your ideal life, commit to a process, and begin taking action, one of two things will happen. You will achieve the results you want, or you will discover what blocks you from easily attaining those results.

Either scenario elicits valuable information in creating an ideal life. As you explore the source of these blocks, use your image of the “ideal” as a frame of reference. Moving through these points of resistance will ultimately open you up to greater success in other parts of your life as well.

III. How Coaching Works

The definition of coaching per the International Coach Federation: “the client picks the agenda and outcome; the coach helps him/her achieve it…”

A. Roles and Responsibilities

Suzanne: your personal coach; keeping you on track; head brainstorming guide; marketing and branding ideas; career guidance; provide a safe place for you to share
You/Your Company Team– you do the work: decision makers; work on homework 1-5 hours per week; get out of your comfort zone

B. Assessments

Find out who you are and what makes you tick! What are your strengths and where do you tend to sabotage yourself. Self awareness means growth.

Suzanne’s Assessments:

Values In Action – Signature Strengths

1. Gratitude; 2. Appreciation of beauty and excellence; 3. Curiosity and interest in the world; 4. Zest, enthusiasm, and energy; 5. Industry, diligence, perseverance.

From my early VIA results, I learned that I had to focus on being passionate about the work I do because Zest, enthusiasm, and energy is contagious. I also learned the Gratitude is the secret to focusing on what we CAN do not what we CAN’T do.

Suzanne’s Myers-Briggs– ESTJ

Back in 2004 when I first took the Myers-Briggs, I was an introvert and very humble. I had to learn to be an extrovert in order to grow my coaching business. I  also learned that being humble and not owning my value was hurting me.

Your results:

We will review what’s holding you back and how you may need to focus on behavior changes in order to grow your personal skills and reach the level of productivity, motivation, and success.

C. Goal Setting

We will discuss your goals for coaching and determine the best way for you to make progress. You can find the goals template here.

We will use one of our calls to review your goals!

D. Everything we discuss is confidential!

You will decide what you want to focus on.

Because coaching is about what you want, you set the agenda. This ensures that you get what you want.

I will ask you “What would you like to work on today?

Use our time wisely by these actions:
• Brainstorming – come up with solutions with me
• Role playing – practice new skills with me
• Reviewing exercises you are working on from my Private Client Website
• Executive Coaching – new skills, new behaviors
• Improving skills; discussing issues that came up

Link to Private Client Website – ideas for what to work on

Please review the Private Client Website and FIND areas you would like to work on! The site is over 300 pages of private content and it is a combination of all my years of learning about providing solutions to your challenges.

Please remember, there is also a link to the private site right on my About page should you ever need to access the site using a short cut.  Go to, then About. See the link at the bottom of  the page here:  About page


Please read:

You create the Agenda for each call thereafter.

I will act as your business partner, your confidant, and your coach. I listen a lot. I won’t step over a funny tone in your voice or an uncomfortable issue. You may hear me say “I’d like to go back to something you said earlier…” or “what I notice about you is…”
Our coaching relationship will be all about investigating how you can leverage your strengths.

TIP: Keep a list of things you want to work on or run by me

You create the agenda for each call, so please come to the coaching call prepared.
During our time together you may want to have a written list of things for you to share and us to discuss. Having this agenda helps you get what you want from the call.

Some of my clients use a Coaching Prep Form or even a “post it note” where they can jot down their thoughts regarding what they want to discuss with me.

On your list/agenda you may want to include things like:

  • Report on the homework you completed
  • Report on any exercises you have completed
  • Successes and wins that you have had during the week
  • Problems you faced and how you handled them
  • Advice you want from me regarding a situation
  • New skills you want to develop
  • Insights, aha’s and new awareness

Sample Coaching Agenda

Please make notes about things you would like to cover with me in your session. You may structure your agenda form as follows.

Wins since last call:
What you want to work on this week during your session:

Bring me a topic, challenge, or a way you are self-sabotaging – for our calls to be effective!

Find a quiet place for your session

We will be exploring private, confidential issues. You will need the space and quiet location to focus on our coaching.

Coaching Procedure:

coaching procedure

1. Please call me at (480) 463-3171 for our scheduled sessions. I often schedule my client calls back to back, so if you receive my voicemail when calling in for our appointment, please wait one minute and call again, as I may be just getting off the prior call. Please use this website to sync your clock:

Zoom Video

We may use Zoom video on occasion, however I try to limit this to once monthly and/or I may turn off the video after our introductions and check in’s. Zoom is helpful to share screens and talk through a process.

2. Structure of the Call:
At the beginning of each session, we will review your action items from the previous week. I will then ask you what you would like coaching around for today’s session. We may cover issues from your Coaching Prep Form, from your list of  Things to Focus On, or we may review materials I have sent you.

TIP: I will ask you what you want to work on – Take charge and lead the call!

3. Enjoy our call
We have work to do together, but feel free to enjoy the call with me. After several sessions, you may find that we take a little time to catch up on those parts of your life that mean a lot to you or you may want to share something personal and confidential.

After several months, you may find that we even laugh a lot during the call – at life, how you have grown, how things happened – without losing sight of your goals. However, feel free to set the tone of the calls and I will respect what you need.

4. Action:
A few minutes before the end of each session I will ask you to review what you’re going to do for the coming week and when you will do it. This action will be listed on your Recap under “Action Items this Week.”

TIP: I help hold you accountable, but ultimately, you are responsible for your success

What to expect:

  • Coaching is based on a monthly retainer and unused calls do not roll over to the following month

  • It is up to YOU to ensure you schedule your coaching calls. I recommend that you schedule a call  for the first and third weeks of the month.

  • Don’t wait! Please don’t wait until the last week of the month to book your last call of the month.

  • I’m usually teaching Webinars the last week of the month and every Friday


  • Please know that coaching works best when there are at least 2 calls per month!
  • One call during our first month of coaching is for reviewing the assessments to determine your strengths and opportunities (and sometimes where you sabotage yourself). Another call may be used to review your goals.
  • We generally coach the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month after the first month.
  • If you must reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. I am unable to make up calls without notice. If you do not call in and you have not provided notice, I must charge for the call.

  • I will gladly review homework, but I ask that if it will take more than 10 minutes of my time, that we review these assignments during your call.

TIP: The best results are from changes made over time – take your time and don’t become overwhelmed

Do your homework/fieldwork

This is not homework like in high school. These are tasks, actions, results or changes you are telling yourself and your coach (me) that you will do your best to complete before our next call. You must apply yourself and use the homework to help you achieve your personal and business goals.

TIP: There is tremendous value in having a business/career partner focused on your success

What you can expect from ME:

    • That our coaching relationship and what we talk about will be completely confidential and held in the strictest confidence
    • That you have a completely safe place to be yourself
    • That I will be deeply honest and forthright in what I say to you
    • That we will be always looking for ways to simplify your life, work, and relationships by getting rid of the things that are not adding to your life
    • That our coaching time is yours, not mine. This is all about YOU.

TIP: Clients who send me an agenda or email prior to the call obtain the best results

Working through the private client website and knowing what you want to focus on will help you get tremendous results from our work together.

TIP: Please do not use a speaker phone.

It’s important to have a clear telephone connection during our calls, so you may want to consider purchasing a headset so that we can hear each other very well.

TIP: I am happy to answer your short questions via email

I offer email correspondence for my clients to answer quick questions between calls, however, please know that exercises we review together offer the most compelling learning for you. For questions via email, if time to respond is more than 10 minutes, I may reserve my response for our call.


Availability: I am available to you 9am to 5pm Monday through Thursday. I don’t check email or voicemail on the weekends or after hours.

Please give me at least 24-48 hours to respond to your emails during the business week. I am often with clients through the end of the work day and may need time to respond.

If you have an urgent issue you would like to share with me, please email that you’d like me to give you a quick call and I will do so as soon as I can, if I am in the office.

IV. What You Should Know:

what you should know

I Make Strong Requests
From time to time, I may make a strong request, like “Will you accomplish X by the end of the month?” You may accept the request, counter-offer (as in say what you can do) or decline. I’ll make you right whichever way you respond.

I Give Straight Advice
If I am sure of the situation, and you’re open to it, I may make specific suggestions on how to handle a problem or “go-for” an opportunity. If I am not sure, I’ll say so. Regardless, use the best of what I say and use your own judgment.

I Don’t Step Over Much
When I hear a funny tone in your voice, or hear you say something that I just can’t “get”, I’ll ask you about it. Often, it is these small moments that offer the chance to resolve something. However, I don’t confront; I’ll merely invite you to look at something.

I Give Homework
I usually ask that the client come up with several goals, actions or breakthroughs to have between this call and the next. If it is too much, say so. If you want more, just ask.

You Are Expected to Use Me, Not Depend on Me
As your coach, I am a resource and presence for you to use to your best advantage. I ask that my clients use me as this resource and friend, but not to let themselves get into the position of needing me (or the coaching) as a dependency thing or fix. So please come to the coaching call prepared with an agenda so that you get the most out of our relationship.

Lead The Session. Know What You Want
Once we have established your detailed goals, it’s up to you to lead the session. It’s your goal and your vision. It’s your life. It’s your opportunity. So get what you want out of each session. Don’t wait for me to initiate.

Come to each session with a list of questions, a concern, or an opportunity you want advice about and/or a problem you are ready to solve. Now I can help you.

Sometimes you may find yourself promising yourself and me too much. I ask that you do not do this. Experience has shown that most of my clients do better promising less and accomplishing more. Playing catch-up to too many promises and to too many people robs you of energy. Promise little, produce more, enjoy the surplus.

Tell Others about Being Coached
Your coaching should not be a secret. You may find it empowering to share what you are beaming about and accomplishing with your coach. Remember, you are the lucky one to have a coach to work with. Nothing worth doing is worth doing alone.

My Clients Are Great
I am blessed with the privilege of choosing my clients. I want and enjoy each one of them. They are all growing, successful and well, and I am assisting them to further their personal and professional lives.

I Expect Your Best
If you are hiring me, then you’re probably ready to do and be your best. And if you aren’t doing your best, I’ll ask you to. If you can’t do that at that moment, I’ll understand and do what you need to be heard and helped back into the groove.

You may have heard this saying before:

There are 3 kinds of people in this world:

1. Those who MAKE things happen.
2. Those who WATCH things happen.
3. And those who ask “WHAT HAPPENED?”

Which do you want to be? I will encourage you to be #1!

Be on Time for Your Coaching Appointment
Please respect our time together by coming to our scheduled calls on time or call 24 hours in advance if you cannot make it. It is very difficult for me to reschedule due to other scheduled calls. I will be unable to make up non-emergency spur-of-the-moment reschedules unless it is a life or death emergency.

V. Resources

1. Commit to personal and professional growth – get Success Magazine – for positive, success-oriented content. Immerse yourself in positive messages month after month.

2. Improve leadership skills – I may ask you to join Toastmasters to gain confidence, improve public speaking skills, and network.

3. Finance Club – follow this LinkedIn group to stay current with what’s happening in financial services with leadership and career options.

4. Financial Executives Institute – Network with key influencers, understand emerging issues, advocate for corporate finance and boost your career opportunities..

5. Live healthy – Read about issues to live a healthier lifestyle. You’ll need to play a bigger game when working with me, so make the commitment to improve your health.

VI. Keep Yourself Well Between Our Sessions:

keep well

Being the best in your profession is like being a professional athlete. You have to be in good physical and mental condition to be functioning at your best. Coaching and being coached both take energy – emotionally, intellectually and physically.

You will need more energy to attain your goals. How can you improve your energy level? You will be redesigning parts of your life so that you function more effectively. I ask you to set aside one hour a day for functioning at your best. This could be working out 3x per week, spending more time with your family, turning off the TV and reading, cooking a family meal, or whatever you want to do.

Some of the habits my clients have developed into a routine are:

  • Add exercise 3 or more times per week: Walking, biking, yoga, swimming, tennis, weight training
  • Make an appointment to see a Nutritionist and/or Acupuncturist
  • Eat very well – consume more fruits and vegetables: at least two servings of fruit or vegetables with every meal (1/2 cup = one serving)
  • Become a Green Smoothie addict – read Green Smoothie Magic – I am addicted to my Vitamix blender and my delicious morning green smoothie because I get my fruit and greens servings for the day and don’t have to worry that I’m not getting adequate nutrition.
  • Reduce caffeine intake: Drink more filtered or bottled water
  • Reduce fat intake: Eat lean protein such as white meat chicken, lean pork, fresh fish
  • Take vitamins and herbal supplements
  • Schedule a massage, facial, pedicure or manicure
  • Get better sleep – the body needs to regenerate nightly. Make sure you get your sleep
  • Meditation or hynotherapy: Purchase a book or take a class and learn to meditate and relax. You can also use iphone apps for this purpose.
  • Stress is a killer! Start being five minutes early for appointments
  • Read and improve yourself
  • Keep weekends for yourself – no working, no checking email
  • Under-promise and over-deliver on your commitments
  • Learn to say “NO” to requests unless they directly support your goals
  • Listen to great music
  • Floss and take care of your teeth
  • Handle an unresolved issue that may be holding you back – big T issues or little t issues
  • Adopt a positive attitude
  • Start a journal
  • Spend more time with your loved ones – don’t neglect your most important relationships

Let’s Go!!!


Together we can create the life you want.

Please make the commitment to take ACTION to reach your goals.

Have patience – life changing events happen during coaching, usually from six to eighteen months into the process!

For Financial Advisors and Executives, Coaching for 6 months is NOT enough!

The effectiveness of coaching increases with time, so if you stop coaching at six months, you may very well miss out on the big “aha’s” and the beneficial changes that happen over time.

TIP: If you give up before getting to the “meaty” issues you will only scratch the surface of your true potential and you won’t overcome what’s really holding you back

Coaching ROI: With all of my clients, coaching results in action immediately and produces a return on investment (ROI) over 3 to 18 months. What you learn from an 18 month coaching engagement can fuel your growth for 3 to 5 years or more. So be willing to invest in yourself and go the distance.

Building your dream life takes time. I can help you get there, but you must commit and take action!


Suzanne Muusers
Prosperity Coaching LLC

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